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Get Your Creative Shit Together

by Rob Fortier, Ninja and Creativity Coach
I’ve worked with lots of talented people who just weren’t having the careers they wanted, struggling with money and frustrated by their situations. Many of them, however, felt their only responsibility was to paint their hearts out, write amazing stories, or practice singing a song until it was perfect. Most of them were spending very little time doing anything else but working on their craft. While creating is a big part of the work involved in having a creative career, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s only part of the work. There are so many factors that creatives can’t control. The art buyers or publishers or casting directors are usually the ones that decide who’s going to get the paycheck, and that can be extremely frustrating if you’re the one waiting around to find out if you’ll be able to eat and cover your rent this month.

MFF Ask The Wizard

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Ask the Wizard

Got questions about finding balance in your life? Want some ideas for reducing stress? Looking for ideas with business and career issues? Need advice on relationships? Wondering what to feed the unicorn? Let the Wizard help you out! (TWEET THAT SHIT!) Ask the Wizard is our sexy new MFF newsletter feature, where answers are just a click away! Let the Wizard answer any and all …

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Turbo Charge Your Why

In the Mark Fisher Fitness Snatched in Six Weeks® program, we always ask, what is your “Why”? Why are you committing to this for 6 weeks? Why are you stepping out of your comfort zone? Why did you just give us a month’s rent to do this? Having a strong Why is super important when it comes to taking action and getting started.


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What “Laughing Gas” Taught Me About Life & Weight Loss

Yesterday, I went to get a tooth pulled. I pushed the extraction off four separate times because, well, I act like a huge baby when it comes to tooth pain, and oftentimes, I would rather push pain off and have it loom over my head than rip the band-aid off. Can anyone relate? After my husband, Josh, demanded I get it done, I finally went in. Although I was dreading it, one thing secretly excited me…Nitrous Oxide. I had never had it before and I heard it was downright great. I was excited for the excuse, like a kid about to have their first taste of wine at a wedding.

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The Power of Breathing, Part 2: What is Theoretically Optimal, And The Nervous System/Brain-Stress Connection

Part 2 of a now 4-part series  (Due to the breadth of this topic, this has been made into a 4 part series instead of 3)
In the first article of this series, we discussed some of the philosophical realities of why optimal breathing might be a “magic” potion when dealing with stressors. Today, I’m going to dig way deeper into the specifics of this philosophy by exploring the nervous system/brain-stress connection. First though, I’d like to make a comment or two on the idea of “optimality,” a qualification towards human anatomical commonalities and differences.