Prioritizing Your Workout Is Just Like Dating

Think about it.  If the person you’ve been eyeing asked you out on a date, what would you most likely do?

First, you’d probably bitmoji all of your friends:

You would then immediately schedule the date into your planner, iPhone, google calendar, write it on your chalkboard wall (I know you have one), tattoo the date on your arm.  You would set alarms, notifications, and fireworks to notify you of the upcoming event.

As the date got closer, you would plan your outfit.  #LBD?  Jeans?  Heels or flats?! AGHHHHH OMG what says that I care but that I am not trying too haaaaaaard?!? You’d ultimately settle on something that makes you feel confident and comfortable but sleek, that shows off your best ASSets.

When friends asked you what you’re doing that night, you’d stay committed to the plan.  You’d tell them that you are already otherwise engaged and simply cannot reschedule.  But that you’d be happy to meet up with them on [insert future date].

The day of the date, you’d probably get a mani or pedi if you had time, eat well all day to feel your best on the date, prep your hair, beat your face, and head out earlier than necessary.

You’d arrive 15 minutes ahead of time, which would impress your date.  Which would land you a second date.  Same place, same time.

Which you would then input immediately into your planner, iPhone, google calendar, chalkboard wall, tattooed arm-now-sleeve.


Treat your fitness classes, semiprivate sessions and solo workouts as important as you would a date.  Now I’m not suggesting you show up in heels and slightly tipsy, or create some sort of parade-worthy fanfare for prepping for your workout, but putting a little effort into your workout can go a long way.

1.  SCHEDULE:  Put that shit on your calendar, gurl.  Make it concrete.  Why should it be treated any less crucial than a business meeting, lunch date with your BFFL, or Bachelor watch party?  It is a non-negotiable part of your day.  It is not an errand or a chore, it is an essential hour-long appointment you have set aside for yourself to better YOU.  Treat it with respect.

2.  DRESS:  Dress for the occasion.  I believe that the way you choose to present yourself at the gym can influence how you move, how you feel about your self-image and your performance throughout the workout.  So again, I’m not suggesting you show up looking like this, necessarily:

(If you DO show up at the gym like this, though, I will be OBSESSED with you instantly.)  

But putting a little thought into your appearance, investing in high quality workout clothes, having good shoes to workout in, matters.  You don’t have to go rogue at Lulu and spend your entire inheritance there.  There are so many amazing deals out there for cute workout attire.

Check out the following for fitness gear that won’t break the bank:

I mean, you wouldn’t just throw on an old baggy college t-shirt that you’ve already worn three times this week without washing for your date, would you? So don’t do it at the gym, either.  And for God’s sake, put some deodorant on. It’s hot out there, yo!

3.  PLAN AHEAD:  Show up a little bit early for your workout if it’s a scheduled class or semiprivate.  You will walk into the room more collected than simply sprinting in off the street.  You will get more out of the session because you will have had some time to focus.  Prep your gym bag with a protein bar or shake in case hunger strikes, a water bottle, baby wipes to freshen up if you don’t have time/access to a shower, a little bit of makeup or dry shampoo.  And as soon as you walk out the door, still high on post-exercise endorphins, schedule your next visit right then and there!  Put that shit in your calendar and rinse, repeat.

We have a little saying at the Clubhouse:
how you do one thing is how you do everything. 

Couldn’t be truer.  Adopt these strategies, and you will ensure that poor Mr. Gym Nasium won’t be stood up again.  At least, not by you, honey.

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