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Today we discuss a common mistake that virtually everyone makes when assessing fitness:
In this post, I shall give you my thoughts on an email a beloved Ninja sent me about advice they received from a clinician.
In this post, I shall give you an overview of your pal Mark’s current personal fitness pursuits.
Just as farmland can benefit from rotating crops, your fitness life will also benefit from some planned variety.
Just because the pandemic seems to be mostly over doesn’t mean every single one of us has completely processed everything. In this post, I give you some helpful frameworks to keep moving forward with self-compassion.
To get the most out of your workouts, you need to properly prepare your body. And that requires more than just a full body warm-up. In this post, I’ll cover the very best protocol for days when you’re lifting heavy weight.
A common Q: Am I too old to get fit? Allow me to address a common question for many aspiring Ninjas who long for a life of fitness but worry their window of potential has closed…
Warm-ups are not exactly high on the list of “sexy fitness topics.” But they really should be! In this post, I’m going to break down the most important elements of an effective warm-up for great workouts and healthy happy joints.
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