Ninjas! We want to highlight the glorious health and hotness work so many of you have done and share the story of your journey at Mark Fisher Fitness.

Since our birth, we’ve always collected amazing testimonials from Snatcheders. While we think this is AWESOME, we also know that, by definition, this is specifically the story of going all-in for six weeks. 

If you’ve been on this rainbow unicorn ride for some time, you know there’s much more to your fitness adventure than a few dedicated weeks of immersion.

Many of you have overcome incredible obstacles on your way to health and hotness. We believe that telling your story will inspire Ninjas old and new to triumph over their own challenges. 

If you have an MFF Story of Glory to share, we’d love to hear how your time at the Clubhouse has impacted your life. Here’s how it works:

  • Answer the questions below. The ideal length for each response is 100-150 words, but you do you, Ninja!
  • Ideally, your story will be accompanied by a compelling set of progress photos. Upload a picture of you in real life BEFORE MFF’s unicorn magic as well as a picture of you AFTER. If you don’t have any photos like this, please submit a single pic of you at the MFF Clubhouse.
  • Should we decide to share your Story of Glory with the Ninja Army, we’ll hook up with 3 complimentary classes as a thank you. Sweet!

The story of MFF is the story of YOU. Let’s share this awesomeness with the world!!