Joe’s Mark Fisher Fitness Story of Glory

Behold! The MFF Team proudly presents Super Nina Joe’s incredible journey. Get ready to be inspired by his remarkable transformation…

I battled with my weight my entire life. My size was always “husky.” I’d bulk up every winter, and drop 20 lbs. or so every summer. Sports were not my thing, neither was anything athletic. I liked food. Greasy, fatty, sweet, amazing! I also liked drinking and smoking – and generally had little to no concern for my body. While your 20’s may keep you “husky,” your 30’s graduate you to obese.

I had gone to the gym, and hired trainers, but I hated it! And the parts I didn’t hate intimidated me too much to attempt them in front of others. I tried fad diets – all of them. From magic pills dissolvable in water to ball bearings taped behind my ears. I’d lose weight and put it all back on … and then some.

At the end of 2013, I did some personal development work on myself with Momentum Education, and decided it was time to take this seriously. I joined Snatched in Six Weeks that year, followed by a few rounds of Snatched II and paired that with a nutritionist. I made it all the way down to 210 lbs. and felt great.

I moved out of the city. A long commute cut into my gym time and meal planning, paired with general unhappiness – my weight hit new heights at 260 lbs. I decided to move back to the city and make it back to MFF.

That particular round was really hard, and the results weren’t happening like they had. I thought it was strange so I visited my doctor. I learned that I was fully diabetic with an A1C of 8.1. I went on medication and continued to work out, but everything hurt under my own weight.

Working with MFF and other Ninjas, I looked to bariatric surgery. I booked it, but not before discussing it with some of the staff at MFF in order to maximize my results. This “tool” would support an expected weight loss of 40-60 lbs. in 18 months. I committed to more.

As soon as I was cleared to lift, I went back to the Dragon Lair. I learned how to move within my new body. Programs were developed for me to truly run my own race, and I paired the semi-privates with Snatched in Six Weeks, Snatched: Project X (resulted in most recent picture on the right) and now Snatched II.

I’m just shy of releasing 100 lbs. in 6 months, my A1C is now 4.9, and I am no longer diabetic.

My pant waist is now smaller than my length which at 5’5” is an accomplishment, and my muscle definition is amazing.

MFF supported me in my decision of choosing me. They cheered me on as I “ran my own race” and held me accountable with myself. To say I’m grateful is an understatement.

I knew in 2014 that MFF was going to be a life changer. I couldn’t have ever imagined the actual journey, but where I am now is definitely the type of magical result only created within this community of unicorns. Can’t wait to see how much further I go, and what happens next!

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