Play or Die: My Manifesto

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I wrote a manifesto. I think everyone should write a manifesto. I also think everyone should wear a cape, and put on a fake moustache once in a while. Or everyday.

Force yourself to identify why you do what you do. Articulate what you believe in. It feels silly when you do it. So put it down and come back to it a couple days later, and see if it still resonates.

How to Write a Manifesto

Step 1

Google ‘how to write a manifesto’

Step 2

Start with the words ‘I believe…’

(i.e. I believe cupcakes are awesome)

Step 3

Next, write ‘I want to…’

(i.e. I want to share the benefits of cupcakes with the world)

Step 4

Finally, write ‘I know this to be true because…’

(i.e. I know cupcakes are awesome, because when eaten, they deliver bitesized bliss)

Play or Die: My Manifesto in Pursuit of the Ridiculous

I believe…

  1. The Ridiculous is Sacred. It’s bigger than us
  2. The Ridiculous is not precious
  3. The Ridiculous is a paradox, a finite moment, yet infinitely possible
  4. The Ridiculous must be pursued, discovered, encountered but cannot be commanded, or scheduled
  5. The Ridiculous is universal
  6. The Ridiculous is a genuinely human encounter, and it’s becoming more and more critical the more technologically removed we become from the world and each other. When we encounter the Ridiculous we join a dance that preceded us—we commune with humanity.
  7. The Ridiculous is experienced, not observed.
  8. The pursuit of the Ridiculous is a practice: it starts with an offer, it’s show and tell, an invitation
  9. The pursuit requires permission, otherwise it’s assault
  10.  The Ridiculous is not…until it is
  11.  It’s also not that deep.
  12. The Ridiculous is rigorously regimented spontaneity
  13. The Ridiculous subverts the ego.
  14. The Ridiculous cannot be controlled; it is not polite, it cannot be shushed. It can only be invited
  15. The Ridiculous involves acknowledging and existing in the chaos of the moment
  16. The pursuit of the Ridiculous is a gauntlet: perpetual challenge.

Through my pursuit of the Ridiculous, I want to…

  1. Deepen an awareness of self
  2. Increase my attunement towards others
  3. Refine my practice
  4. bear the colors of the Ridiculous and identify myself as a shaman, through my dress, my words, and my actions
  5. Be good, giving and game, like a generous lover
  6. Breakdown the imperceptible walls that block us from each other, from ourselves, and from living our best lives.
  7. Conduct daily trials and experiments, most with no real purpose other than to see what will happen.
  8. Live authentically
  9. Change the lives of every person I encounter
  10. Live my best life
  11. Be unequivecably awesome
  12. Nail life
  13. Destroy my foes
  14. Have all the sex
  15. Enjoy rampant recreational drug use
  16. Poop enormous poops
  17. Buy an island
  18. Start a new government
  19. Revolt against everything that does not support my life

I know this to be true…

Because when we inspire ourselves, we inspire others.

Because when we give ourselves permission to fall down, we can loan that permission to those in need.

Because when we play, we experience flow, time stands still and we experience fulfillment.

Because when experienced, the Ridiculous is sublime.  For a moment, time stands still. There is a change in energy that impacts all participants, which they will then carry out into the world, influencing others. The result of a Ridiculous experience is a metaphysical neurological virus, spreading from participants to everyone with whom they connect.

“A differential in power can be overridden by a process of nature that’s in all of us.”

– Dr. Stuart Brown, groundbreaking play researcher and author of PLAY


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