Living in Your Active Wear?

by Jessica Myhr, Ninja and Creator of Inherent Style

Are you LIVING in your active wear?

Don’t sweat it! Here are some tips to make you look great and not like you just rolled up off your mat.

Remember when there were maybe three brands (Nike being one of them) or retailers you could actually buy “fitness apparel” from? And let’s be real, they were NOT cute. Shapeless, functional pieces that allowed you to sweat without getting pit stains, but nothing you’d ever show up in on a first date, and barely even consider wearing to your laundromat.

The apparel industry has exploded, giving you more and more options for workout wearable clothing—cute and stylish enough to live in all the time—especially for people with busy, active lifestyles. (Here are just a few of the MANY (hat tip to trainer Elizabeth Stacey): UnderArmour Outlet, Fabletics by Kate Hudson, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Rue LaLa). This is AMAZING on one hand because we can go to the gym and look great while we work out – better fabrics, cuts, and colors. Come on – everyone notices when you wear that new pair of leggings! Am I right?? And doesn’t feeling good about how you look…make you want to work out more? So it’s a win-win for the gym—but what about the rest of your everyday life? After you leave the gym?

Excuses, Excuses

What about weekend brunches and date nights…when you dash out of class to barely make it there on time? Being a hot mess is okay – because you were “working out”.  Nice excuse. But, the more you workout…the more you live in active wear, and the MORE excuses you make…”Oh, I just got out of class.” “I am going to the gym later.” “I didn’t have time to change.” “I just didn’t want to carry a change of clothes with me today.” I do it – I know you have, too.

Having an ACTIVE lifestyle can make your wardrobe LAZY. There I said it.  How many days in a row have you been wearing your favorite lululemon pants? Athletic tennis shoes? That hoodie? (But it’s SO comfortable). Your every day wardrobe now becomes either a blur of bright colors and strange patterns or muted shades and shapeless workout tops. Fine for the gym but…

I am not blaming you—it’s freakin’ comfortable and so easy! You don’t have to make choices or bother thinking about what you are wearing at all. Favorite workout leggings or shorts and switch out the tops – no one notices, right? Right?

Here’s a few tips to change up your post workout outfits so people see more STYLE than SWEAT:

None of these tricks weigh much or take up a ton o’ space so toss’ em in your tote bag!

1) Footwear

Nothing screams GYM like athletic tennis shoes. Switch it up! Sandals, Boat Shoes, Wedges, Booties, Loafers, Espadrilles, Toms, Ballet Flats, Fun Converse (you don’t work out in)… you have OPTIONS people.

2) Accessories

What we take off before we work out…we put back on after we workout. Yes? So instead of just dashing out the door, take the time to adorn your body a bit. You worked hard. Show a little love with a scarf, sunglasses, hat, necklace, earrings, bracelet, cool superhero watch (even a fun tote bag can distract the eye away from that worn out tank)…these pieces are the delicious icing on any good outfit. And who wants cake without icing? Um, not me.

3) Layering pieces

A cool jacket or thin sweater, interesting wrap, cardigan, long tunic or stylish pullover can go a long way! Just check out this line Heidi Klum did for New Balance. If you added a bit more accessories to these looks –no one will even notice that lululemon logo on your leggings. (Shhhhhh…I won’t tell)

4) Color

You may be a colorful unicorn at the gym, but be a New Yorker on the way out. Back to Black baby! Cue AC/DC intro here please. (And I don’t even like black but they don’t make a ton of navy activewear – a better color for MOST of you). Black looks sleek and sexy, and people won’t blink twice. Just look above at Heidi’s line, a great example of stylish streetwear. Or go with classic neutrals – white and off white, slate blue and light charcoal greys, and sand like colors! The lighter neutrals are perfect for the spring/summer season, making you looking fresh and sophisticated.

Who’s got TIME to make choices?

I so hear you… being constantly swallowed up in the busy trap myself. But shouldn’t living your best life and feeling your best be working together? And how great do we feel when someone compliments what we look like? When our outfit is effortless and easy? This is less about vanity and more about your self-confidence. I’m not asking you to change your active lifestyle, but make a stronger choice when you walk out the door. You’re worth it!


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