Testimonial: “The Answer I Didn’t Know I Was Looking For”

The third time an old lady tried to give me her seat on the subway because she thought I was pregnant, I had to face that my body had changed. I always thought of myself as a relatively healthy eater, but had gradually developed the habit of getting a burger and fries after work more often than not, and “needing” dessert after every meal. After my workouts dwindled from once a week to nothing at all for a year, I finally cancelled my gym membership on my 40th birthday. I remember going home with a bag of workout clothes from my locker, feeling like a huge failure. I was overweight and depressed – but changing my lifestyle just seemed too hard.

Snatched in Six Weeks was the answer I didn’t even know I was looking for. One day it popped into my email, and I was immediately taken with Mark’s positivism and goofy humor. I could fit three classes a week into my schedule, and, best of all, it sounded like FUN. I thought I was joining an exercise class, but it turned out to be so much more. The nutritional advice, the daily encouragement, and the small-group dynamic kept me motivated and I was surprised to see (and feel) results almost immediately!

That’s not to say Snatched is easy – nothing truly worthwhile ever is – but you will never find a better set of tools to make the changes you want in your body and your life, and you’ll never have a more caring, attentive, and nerdy-smart guide than Mark Fisher and the Mark Fisher Fitness Team!

Weight lost: 9 pounds!

Ginger Dzerk


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