Finally… Bite Size Fisher Fitness!

It’s always been kind of hard to just have a nibble of Fisher Fitness.  For personal training, since I design individualized programs tailored to a client’s particular goals and needs, I can’t get very far without a couple of sessions.  In Snatched, we use some exercises that require a certain amount of technical proficiency (ie. hurling around a cannonball with handles).  Therefore I can’t really allow people to “pop in” and try a class.

On a separate note, there’s something about this time of year that makes me want to have fitness outside.  Hang with nature, get some sun, sweat with my friends… basically live the dream.

And it occured to me, both of those birds can die a bloody, bloody death with one boulder of outdoor fitness fun!!

Orgies in Da Park

Now you TOO can be a ninja!*

*I call my clients ninjas.

It helps remind you of your inner bad assness.

So if you’ve been wanting a way to get a taste of what Fisher Fitness Fun is all about, you’re in luck.  On Saturday August 13th at 11:30am (rain date Sunday August 14th at 12:30pm)*, I’ll be doing the first of an ongoing series of outdoor bootcamp classes!  Central Park, south of Belvedere Castle, just off the entrance at Central Park and W. 79th.  The class will be all bodyweight exercises, and trainees of all levels are welcome, as I’ll scale the class so different fitness levels can choose appropriate exercise variations.  15 clams for the class, 60 minutes in duration, and 1000 barrels of fun.

And let’s be clear, I don’t really like the term “bootcamp,” which is why I’m stubbornly calling it an outdoor fitness class. For those who are concerned that this is gonna be an hour of almost puking while doing sprints and throwing your body around, I promise my work is a little more nuanced than that.  Yes, you will be challenged.  No, I will not wreck your body!

If you have any questions or want to get on the list to be made aware of future outdoor classes, email my assistant Michelle at  I have to limit the class size, so do make sure you email your interest ASAP to confirm a spot and invite your friends!  No sweat if you can’t make this one, there will be more!

Hope to see you there for a steaming serving of fitness glory!

*permit pending. emailed with Central Park today, but they need about a decade’s notice and your first born child to use the Park for an event.  if they block us… they can’t stop this love and we’ll simply find another place.

Snatched News: I have one spot left in the 11am and one spot left in the 12pm, so email Michelle at if you want in!  Although the 11am and 12pm hadn’t been announced at the time of this posting, all the relevant details can be found here (same price, location, dates, moolah, glory, fun, joy, mirth, giggles, etc.).

And for those who long for a good Snatching but have schedule conflicts, the Oct. 3rd to  Nov. 10th session will open enrollement in a few weeks!  Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement because she’s been selling out real quick.  If you’d like to be on the email list and be among the first to know, shoot me an email and I’ll put you on!


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