Testimonial: “Militant and Specific”

Exercise and eating healthy were an important part of my life before Snatched.  However, I was looking to change up my routine a bit, and for some additional education about exercise, food, and the body.  I had heard good things about Mark from a few friends so I decided to give it a try.  One of the most valuable things Mark taught me is that since I was in pretty good shape to start with, I would have to be even more militant and specific about what I ate in order to see results.  I resisted because I thought I really didn’t need it.  But he was right!  I learned exactly what I had to eat to reach my goal of being as lean and toned as possible.  That is something that eluded me in all the years I worked out on my own.

In general, I found the Snatched sessions to be awesome, kick-your-butt, but very gratifying.  Most of all, Mark wants everyone to succeed, and you can see that he really means it.  He is available 7 days a week to answer your calls and emails and texts (like one Friday night when I was out and had a “food emergency!”), and his notes are inspiring, funny, and educational.

Sean Mackey, Champion of Hotness


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