Testimonial: “I feel good”

And now, another tale of Ninja Glory!  Evelyn Somerville is one of the greatest Ninjas of all time.  Evelyn started with us when we opened up our beloved Clubhouse in the beginning of 2012.  In addition to doing classes and training, Evelyn took the plunge and dove deep into the October Snatched.  To say her transformation has been remarkable is an understatement.  Evelyn has been a team favorite since we’ve had the pleasure of her company, and we are not only in awe of her hard work, but we also feel lucky to have her kicking major fitness ass in our presence.  SHE IS A HERO!!


“Ev, you look good.”  Me in response: “Thanks, I feel good.”

I’ve been hearing that I “look good” for about the past six months or so and I have to say it doesn’t ever get old.  My stock answer always seems to be “I feel good” because it’s true.  I really do feel good.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve even felt better in my life even when I was a high school jock playing soccer all year round.

Evelyn before being manhandled by the MFF team

I didn’t have confidence then, but I definitely do now and I realize that part of that has to do with age and maturity (I am in my thirties), but I also know that it is mostly because of how my body and mindset have changed over the past year.  And I only have Mark Fisher and the amazing team at Mark Fisher Fitness to thank!!

When I walked into MFF a little over a year ago for my Functional Movement Screening, I did so thinking in the back of my mind that this gym membership would end up like every other gym membership I’d ever signed up for – a waste of money down the drain, and short-lived.  I’m so happy that I was wrong!! My decision to keep going absolutely has to do with the fact that MFF is not a traditional gym with treadmills and stationary bikes that are as boring as watching paint dry.  MFF works for me because it is a clubhouse and has the supportive atmosphere of a clubhouse, like when we were kids…

My clubhouse didn’t have unicorns, asses hanging out, and so many references to porn stars, dildos, and cumgutters (my personal favorite), but I’m talking in the fun-loving, can-do-or-say-nothing-wrong sense.  At MFF, unlike traditional gyms where you are slogging away on your own on an elliptical machine, you know the name of the person split squatting and swinging next to you in class.  It motivates me to see someone next to me and all around me working their asses off.  It tells me if they can do it, I can do it.  And, even more so that if they can do it, maybe I can do it better?

In addition, and let me preface this by saying that this may be a little sickeningly sweet, but I feel as though I’m part of this cool group that are in on something that people are only starting to learn about —  Mark’s phenomenal fitness philosophy!!  I really do hope that Mark spreads his word around the world because it works!  When people ask me how I’ve lost weight, I even get excited telling them about kettlebells, protein, and Ninja Essentials…

Speaking of philosophies: Snatched.  So, I signed up for the last round of Snatched last year because I wanted to see what it was all about and really because I wanted a challenge, and a challenge it was!  And, even though I had been working out at MFF for 10 months doing semi-private training and classes and had lost about 35 lbs, it was a challenge!  Adding that extra day or two a week of working out with the food/nutrition plan of high protein and counting every calorie you eat is not easy!  It took me about 2-3 weeks to get the hang of hitting my calorie and protein goals, so that was frustrating, but a fantastic learning experience.  I may not have lost much more weight doing Snatched (maybe 5 lbs), but my body definitely became more toned, and the biggest thing I got out of Snatched is an understanding of what I’m actually putting in my body.  Awareness.  Awareness, and that I actually do have will power.  I can have a bowl of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and not eat them.  But, if I do eat a bowl of them or just one, I have a really good sense of what I really just put in my body.  Not too shabby.

Evelyn’s October 2012 Snatched in Six Weeks before and after pics

This is not to mention that the other Snatchers I have met are all incredible people and help keep you going through the process because it’s not easy for anyone.  Just simply bouncing off an idea for a protein packed dinner that doesn’t involve eggs makes Snatched that much easier, more fun, and doable.

I wasn’t liking my thirties very much until my friend, Danielle (Super Ninja), introduced me to Mark and MFF.  Now I can honestly say that I’m happier than I have ever been, have more energy, enjoy dressing up, laugh easier, and have had the most productive/successful year at work ever.  All of these good things are solely due to having MFF in my life.  I hope to work with Mark and all of the other caring, funny, knowledgeable, and inspirational trainers and wonderful people at MFF for as long as I can swing, squat, and row those motherfucking kettlebells.


There you have it, America.  If you’re looking to make some serious health and hotness victory in a loving and supportive environment, we think we have just the place for ya!   Click here for info on how to get started on the road to Ninja Glory, or find out more about our mega-popular educational intensive Snatched in Six Weeks!


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