Christopher Sieber is a SUPER HERO

Ladies and gentleman… allow me to show you yet another SHOCKING transformation form our Snatched in Six Weeks program.  WARNING: You may want to put on clean underwear… because you might just shit your pants.

I give you one of the greatest heroes in all of Ninjadom…Christopher Sieber!  Chris absolutely hit it out of the park.  Over the course of the Snatched in 6 Weeks program, Chris committed himself to the Snatched principles, and whoa boy, did he get some amazing results!!


“I wanted to press the reset button on my life after years toiling away at the gym with no real direction…I decided to do Snatched. Mark Fisher and his team WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL! They are there 24 hours a day for you with support and knowledge, and nothing is a dumb question.

“Working out with my group was like family. We supported each other and looked forward to seeing each  private victory we all made. The results….amazing! I have a new outlook on my life, and a fucking hot body to go with it!! So I not only pressed my reset button, I smashed it to bits!!

“Thank you Mark, Brian, Staci, Kyle, and Landen!! I love you!!”



Congratulations Chris!  You have not only blown our damn minds, but you’ve filled our hearts with love and appreciation for you.  On a personal note, I want to thank Chris for finding an eloquent way to sum up one of our most important Ninja values…

“At the Ninja Clubhouse, we ALL sit at the cool kids’ table.”

If you think you’re ready to ride that unicorn and finally attain your healthiest, hottest self, then NOW is the time to come to Mark Fisher Fitness.  No more waiting.  Spring is just around the corner and you deserve to see your best body.

We’re gonna nurture you so hard, yet so gently.  Gently hard.


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