Testimonial: “Drop It Like It’s Hot”

Ladies and Gentleman, meet Angela Johnson.  A recent graduate of Baldwin Wallace Conservatory, Angela approached me a couple of months ago about making some fitness dreams come true.  And we all know how much I enjoy that!!  My girl went AFTER it and lost about 15 pounds and over 4 inches off her waist!!!  Check it out yo!


“I came back to New York about 7 weeks ago and Mark Fisher’s name was blowing up around town. It just so happened that I was in the worst shape of my life so I checked out his website one day with a friend; he had me sold the second I saw him rockin’ an Aqua tank and pink American Apparel hot shorts on his homepage. (Mark’s Note: I’ll have you know those hot pants are not pink… they’re a tasteful salmon)

“Mark is brilliant.  His understanding of and aptitude for training the human body is uncanny. Somehow, ‘above and beyond’ is an understatement to describe Mark’s level of dedication to his clients.  He’s there for you 24/7.  Not only do you have his focused and undivided attention during training sessions, but Mark is constantly looking up new teachings from mentors to improve his training.  He’s always in communication with his clients, replying to emails within a couple of hours, checking on your calorie tracker daily, and flooding you with nothing but constant support.

“He values precision and takes impeccable care when monitoring your form. Mark will make your workouts fun at the same time; I don’t think there will ever be a day there’s not a smile on my face, and I’m cracking up inside when he tells me to “drop it like it’s hot” during a session.

“Mark is an all-around stellar guy who will give you the tools for not only a healthy body, but mind and spirit as well.  He encourages you to celebrate awareness and discovery and will guide you towards appreciating the process of change.  I can’t even tell you how thankful I am that Mark came into my life when he did; I appreciate him more and more each day.  I’ve learned so much from him in such a short period of time; he’s way impressive. I truly hope you decide to rock with him; you’ll be so glad you did.”

Angela Johnson


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