Testimonial: “A Fire Under My Ass”

It was the fear of not knowing what I was doing that set me apart from everyone else in the gym. I’d been a couple of times, looked around, and tried out some machines, tired quickly, and then, out of ignorance, left the gym. It was always a comfort to have the gym membership, but a fear to use it. No book, nor DVD, nor gym resource in the three years of my gym membership ever enlightened or brightened my outlook on fitness. It was always too non-descript, too general, and didn’t speak to me and what I was looking to get out of my membership. So for the three years of monthly fees, my fear kept me stagnant, and growing. I started to gain, and gain, and gain weight. Having always had extra weight on me, the last two years was a steady incline in weight, sizing out of all my clothing and continually purchasing larger and larger sizes. It wasn’t enough to bring my spirits down, but it certainly was an ever-present awareness that I was gaining, and becoming less confident with the way I held myself.

And then the miracle of someone lighting a fire under my ass happened – and thank god it was Mark Fisher there with the lighter.

The amazing thing about Mark Fisher is his motivation. It was his motivational energy and message that was my call to action. Suddenly, having enrolled, I was conscious that I wanted to change my life and my body, and his motivation was going to push me to get to where I wanted to be. It wasn’t just a personal trainer, it was so much more than that – it was a complete reexamination of my life with a forward moving action plan. With Mark, I started to shift to a whole new outlook on my wellness. The fear of not knowing what I was doing began to subside, and with the grace and ease of Mark’s instruction, I knew how to start and where to start. It was through his gradual, measured instruction, I finally have arrived to where I am now – fearless of the gym and in control of my wellness. I now have the tools and knowledge to succeed with a lifestyle of balanced nutrition and exercise. Something, finally, that will be of great use to my gym membership.

Zachary L


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