How Can I Workout Around Joint Pain?

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As spring kicks into high gear and the world comes back online, many people are kicking their activity into high gear.

Whether you’re going on hikes, running outside, or even rejoining your local fitness studio, it’s unfortunately ALSO very common for your joints to bark at you now and again.

If and when you have sharp, pinching, shooting, or “I’m not sure what the hell this is” pain, it’s never going to be a good idea to push through. We only get one set of joints (barring replacement surgery). So we want to be nice to them for the long haul!

If pain persists over time, the best move is to have a qualified clinician like a physical therapist take a look. A good PT can do massage work directly on muscles, prescribe helpful exercises, and let you know what movements to avoid while you heal up.

But one of the biggest mistakes people make is to simply stop moving altogether.

This is NOT the best play.

You can almost certainly do some movement pain free. While it’s not always fun to have to modify or skip certain exercises you like, you can still get a great training effect. This means you can stay on track with your fitness goals. And that global fitness stimulus is gonna be a good thing, so we don’t want to fall into “all-or-nothing” thinking.

(Also… did you know there’s research that suggests that training one limb can actually help maintain and build strength in the non-trained limb? Cooooooooool…)

Yes, you may need to modify exercises sometimes. And this is ok, and WAY better than doing nothing.

So I want to share this awesome video playlist that MFF’s Fitness Director Amanda “Wheels” Wheeler made. If you need some help figuring out how to modify exercises to work around joint stuff, click the link below!

Loving all your joints, loving your bones, loving your infinite heart,

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