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What If You Treated Your Body Like a Pal?

I’ve recently been “back on the boards” and coaching Ninjas in our most recent round of Snatched in Six Weeks.

(Snatched is MFF’s flagship transformation challenge. It’s a six-week intensive deep dive that includes workouts, nutrition coaching, and a full education on the basics of what we call “health and hotness.” It’s been selling out for over ten years, and it’s even managed a successful transition to be fully virtual over the last year. Next round opens up on June 7th, more details HERE.)

And boy… it’s been fun to be back doing the nutrition check-ins! It’s always a pleasure and an honor to work on fitness stuff. Because when we’re talking about fitness, we’re talking about the one relationship in our life that’s with us from our first breath to our last:

Our relationship with our body.

And for many of us, this takes some time and courage to explore this.

We always say Snatched isn’t a “quick fix,” it’s a “quick start.” We love getting you going and seeing some wins and making some objective progress to your goals. But for most people, fitness isn’t as simple as being handed a playbook that you effortlessly execute and then you live happily ever after.

Because beyond any knowledge gaps, there are often behavior gaps. We KNOW what to do, but for any number of reasons, we’re not doing it. A good coach can provide you a space to not only analyze your strategies and execution, but unpack how you’re feeling about things. Because your feelings will of course impact your behaviors.

And one of the most important things to address is how we feel about our body.

You see, our body is our first and last and truest friend.

And I said to my body, softly, “I want to be your friend.
It took a long breath and replied, “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.”

- Nayyirah Waheed

All day long, your body is a symphony of miracles; all happening automatically and silently throughout the many systems and organs of your body. To have even a passing understanding of the human body is to be struck dumb with awe, like looking up at the stars on a clear night in th desert.

And yet many of us struggle to love our bodies. We tend to only give it attention when we’re looking at it’s perceived deficiencies.

When we’re frustrated that our knees are hurting and we can’t go for a run.

When we worry over the deepening of wrinkles or fret at the receding of hairlines.

When we obsess over the one area of stubborn fat that we can’t ever seem to lose.

And this isn’t really your fault.

We’re constantly bombarded with messaging from the media that says we’re not good enough the way we are. Over and over, we’re told we’ll “finally be happy when… [fill in body goal].”
And when it comes to fitness, we’re shown a very narrow range of images that define what a fit body should look like.

So we compare ourselves. And we feel lacking…

I feel sad when I think how crappy I felt about my body in high school. It was my number one all- consuming source of insecurity. It was the physical expression of my lack of worth as a human. And while I guess I can credit this for launching me into a career in fitness, I have to think there could have been a kinder gentler path.

Let’s also acknowledge this: I felt “less than” in spite of being a young, able-bodied, thin, cis-gendered, white male. I can’t pretend to imagine how much more difficult this social conditioning must be for those in historically marginalized and undervalued bodies.

Listen, I’m all for people making any changes they want to their body. Some people think any desire to change your body is fundamentally a betrayal. But I don’t buy that. Nor do I think that’s my place to tell you what you should or shouldn’t want. It’s your body, you da boss.

Now I may gently inquire about your motivation. And I may want to make sure you know there’s no such thing as “finally being happy when I achieve [body goal].” But there can be very valid and personally authentic reasons to want to lose weight, or build muscle, or get stronger. And MFF will support the shit out of you and your goals; we will offer the full weight of our many years of experience and education to assist you.

But if I’ve learned one thing over and over again, it’s that working on our fitness is best done as a celebration of — and act of love for — our magical, mystical meatsuits.

So my question is…

What if we actually treated our body like our friend?

What if we really took a moment to grasp at the miracles that are occurring right now as you read this? Your heart that beats on it’s own, the breath coming in and out of your lungs, your immune system repairing cells…

What if we appreciated that our body literally does it’s best to do whatever we ask it? It gets up to get another cup of coffee, it carries us to visit our family and hug our mom, it preserves through yet another high-intensity workout that may or may not be the best thing for that nagging injury…

What if we appreciated that no matter how we may feel about our body, that in any given moment, it’s always loving us unconditionally?

Maybe you find this saccharine. I don’t.

In a world that’s endlessly confusing and uncertain, this is the truest thing I know.

Love ya always,

PS Does the above resonate?

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