How Do I Overcome Boredom With My Workouts?

Today I want to give you a quick thought that’s also kinda sad for me to share…

Sometimes you just have to spice up your fitness life and do something new, purely for the novelty.

Now you may be asking, “But gentle Mark! Wherefore doest this maketh thee sad?”

To which I respond (1.) thank you for speaking in Shakespeare to me, very weird of you and (2.) it makes me sad because it means not all Ninjas should stay at MFF forever.

I know, not the best messaging for our business interests. Nor for my Ninja-loving heart! We get attached. But it’s nonetheless true.

Of course, we all have a different relationship with variety. And there’s certainly such a thing as too much hopping around. Most fitness qualities need time to develop. That’s why I’m generally a fan of hopping around from workout to workout, completely willy nilly.

With that said, my completely transparent agenda is to get as many people as possible to embrace movement as a part of their life. Would you get better results by sticking to some style of training at least semi-consistently? Yep! But I’ll happily support this choice if it’s what makes fitness fun for you.

However, some people stick to their routine even if they no longer enjoy it and they’re bored out of their minds.

Now first off, if you find a fitness groove and you’re staying consistent, this is an awesome thing. And if you’re working out several times per week for… well… forever, then not every workout is going to be a transcendent experience full of laughs, self-discovery, and setting personal fitness records.

But if you’re finding yourself dreading your repetitive workouts?

If your current fitness regime has lost that new car smell?

If you’ve been doing a version of the same workout for three years that your old personal trainer gave you because it’s the only one you know how to do?

It may be time to try something else out.

It could be trying out a new place to train.

It could be trying out a new program.

It could be trying out a new style of fitness.

It could be returning to a place or style of fitness you’ve loved but took a break from.

I feel kinda weird writing this. I’m aware some of our current Ninjas may read it and say, “By GEORGE, you’re correct! You’ve perfectly described my predicament of late. Please, please terminate my membership at the end of this current term. Thank you so much Mark, I’m outta here the first chance I get!!!! PEACE!”

To which I say (1.) I kinda miss your Shakespeare language and (2.) I’m a semi-sad panda about this turn of events.

But… I really want what’s best for you.

And happily, we have many, many Ninjas who’ve trained with MFF for almost ten years and still have a blast! After all, we do EVERYTHING in our power to keep MFF interesting both from an experience perspective AND from a training perspective.

Although we have a specific set of fitness beliefs we adhere to, we’ve designed our programming so you really could stay forever and find new ways to progress. We change it up enough to prevent you from plateauing physically (and mentally!), but we also take care to offer a given program long enough for you to see progress. And getting results is ALSO important, as seeing progress is part of what prevents boredom and keeps fitness fun!

We put lots of effort into balancing out our programming to develop different fitness capacities, keep you injury free, and hopefully lolzing when our trainers do completely gonzo shit like an entire class themed to Schitt’s Creek or Nickelodeon.

So if you’re a current MFF Ninja and you’re feeling the unicorn magic? We’ll be so grateful to have you around for as long as it’s a lovematch for you.


And if you’re Lapsed or Future Ninja who’s not currently in on the action?? Schedule a call with us HERE.

But we get it. Sometimes you just need to try out some other stuff.

So if you’re feeling crusty and bored with your current regime…

It may be time to spice up your life.

The best way we keep up with your fitness for the long haul is when you actually enjoy what you’re doing. And fitness monogamy isn’t for everyone. Some of y’all need to get in on some fitness polyamory.

Madly in love with you and forever respectful of your autonomy,

P.S. This is the part where I remind you to schedule a call with a coach HERE. We have two awesome no commitment trial offers for anyone brand new to MFF. We also have some sweet-ass deals for returning Ninjas.

Your unicorn-loving fitness pals await!


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