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Blowing the Lid off Greek Yogurt

It’s all Greek to Me
When I look at the yogurt section in the grocery store, there are a million choices. Most of them are Greek, and all of it is overwhelming.  Greek, full fat, low fat, nonfat, plain, fruit on the bottom, blended, fruit on the side, flip.


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What “Laughing Gas” Taught Me About Life & Weight Loss

Yesterday, I went to get a tooth pulled. I pushed the extraction off four separate times because, well, I act like a huge baby when it comes to tooth pain, and oftentimes, I would rather push pain off and have it loom over my head than rip the band-aid off. Can anyone relate? After my husband, Josh, demanded I get it done, I finally went in. Although I was dreading it, one thing secretly excited me…Nitrous Oxide. I had never had it before and I heard it was downright great. I was excited for the excuse, like a kid about to have their first taste of wine at a wedding.