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Soul Body System: The Missing Link for Ultimate Health and Hotness?

originally published August 31, 2014


So, you just finished your makeover/diet/boot camp/juice cleanse/paleo/gluten-free/retreat. You entered as an emotional eating sugar addict with a wicked muffin top. In a few short weeks, the muffin top is gone. You are feeling pretty good. But in the back of your mind, the thought pops up:

Am I gonna be able to maintain “this?” This weight loss, this lifestyle, this new way of eating?

Some of these programs we do are…awesome. We get a kick-start, some quick success, so we can be the person we have been dying to be, to wear the jeans that we would give anything to wear, to embrace our reflection in a full-length mirror.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So if the programs go so well, why are we questioning what tomorrow will bring?

Once the honeymoon phase of our success wears off, some of us start to flail without the structure of a regimented program. We know what to do to be successful, so why aren’t we doing it? (TWEET THAT SHIT!) We start to get really angry with ourselves. We thought this time would be different.


WTF do we have to do to make this sustainable?

We have to dig deep, as Brené Brown would say.  We need to figure out what place food holds in our story.  We need to look at why we eat emotionally. We have to change months/years/decades of practicing self-sabotage.

If you want permanent results, you’re gonna have to make your mind your bitch.

What are you really hungry for? (TWEET THAT SHIT!)

This is the question asked by Beth Wittig in her 10-week mentorship program, Soul Body System (SBS).  During the 8 weeks, Beth serves as your “guide on the side,” creating a safe space for those of us with a history of a long and often unhealthy relationships with food—and with ourselves.

My Experience

I joined SBS because I found myself struggling with profound self-judgment. After an injury followed by an immediate bout with the flu last December, I ended up being unable to train for two months. This was by far the longest I had been away from my beloved Mark Fisher Fitness since my significant weight loss. I was anxious about not exercising, and although I wasn’t eating unhealthfully, I wasn’t being my usual diligent self.  My clothes felt different. I started to experience that old feeling of self-judgment. Until the voice of self-judgment was audible.  I hated the realization that self-loathing was still my go-to place for any slight change in my body. Worse, I knew this was a definite disconnect in my own health and hotness journey, so I made a conscious decision to work on this as best I could.  When I saw the workshop advertisement for SBS, I decided that maybe this was what I needed. I was a bit anxious about being part of a group setting, but I decided to give it a try.

I was unsure about the fact that I already ate healthfully, so would this be a waste? Talking with Beth led me to believe there would be more to this than just talking about greens. And she was right, (although I definitely learned some new things). As for being part of a group—being part of a group like this forced me to show up for myself and for the others in my group, who showed up for me each week, courageous and inspiring.  There is definitely strength in the group experience.

What does food have to do with the other stuff in my life?

How we do anything is how we do everything. If you are self-sabotaging/self-judging yourself in one area, you are probably doing it somewhere else. I’m no expert, but that’s just the way it seems to work. If you think you’ve conquered your food issues, but are having the same issues that led to your food issues elsewhere in your life, you will find this concept surprisingly useful. As the 8 weeks progressed, my group shared some amazing successes…many of which had nothing to do with food!

You will be astounded at how learning to practice self-compassion trickles over into the rest of your life and your success!  

This sounds effing emotional

Well, yeah. When you stop using food to numb emotion and self-flagellation to punish yourself for numbing emotion…it can be eye-opening, at the very least. Cutting through what often represents years of self-destruction can sometimes leave you raw.  But the SBS support system is nothing short of amazing. Between the weekly meetings and the Facebook wall, there is support anytime you need it. Seriously. Any and all the time.  SBS is a safe environment to be as vulnerable as you need or want.

Who should do Soul Body System?

Anyone who has any types of issues with food should do this program. Why? Because you can do 100 boot camps/makeovers/diets/cleanses and get fantastic results, but those food issues do not get dropped with the pounds. They are going to be there for you, waiting to manifest themselves at the most inopportune times of your life. They are going to be there for you because you have spent a long time cultivating and nurturing them, whether you realize it or not. Those issues of self-sabotage will not go away until you take positive action to deal with them. Soul Body System is a great complement to your makeover/boot camp program, helping you to create a solid foundation for sustainable results.

While SBS is a program currently offered at MFF through Beth Wittig, there are options for those not living in the New York City area. There are many private coaches (including Beth), who typically offer coaching services via telephone or Skype.

If you are ready to take on your food/self sabotage issues, and think this type of program or private coaching might be for you, Beth’s website is full of amazing information, (including a free e-book), and would be an awesome place to start!

*MFF Ninjas: The next Soul Body System mentorship experience begins January 24th and ends March 29th. Registration has begun and you must fill out an application to help determine if the SBS program is the right fit for you. Click here to apply, and Beth will get back to you asap; or attend Beth’s awesome FREE workshop, “Secrets of Natural Weight Loss” on January 18th and have a chat with her after. Register here!

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