A Foreign Perspective on MFF

by Callum McVickers

This summer I had the privilege of interning at Mark Fisher Fitness, or MFF as the cool kids call it. This whole dream started for me (an exercise science geek from Leeds, England) after I returned home from a holiday to NYC back in March 2013. I knew I hadn’t seen enough of the best city in the world and I was eager to go back. However, with my graduation from university fast approaching I wanted the summer of 2013 to be the most productive yet. Would it be possible for me to return to the concrete jungle of NYC as well as progress towards my future career? Well, a shit ton of email exchanges, some last minute flights and a bucket load of excitement later, yes it would. I took a chance and the rest is history.

Fast forward two weeks and I’m stepping off the plane back into England. I find myself sipping hot tea (apparently that’s what English people do all the time) and reminiscing about the most amazing two weeks of my life. Gone in the blink of an eye, I only hope to convey the life changing experience at MFF.

At first, from an outside view, this wacky wonderhouse of hotness (yes, I said wonderhouse and no it’s not a word) can seem a little crazy. Especially coming out of a scientific background, I did question a lot of things. How can these guys be THIS fun and wild yet possess amazing knowledge and passion? Looking back through the mist of glitter, glutes, and glory, it all makes sense.

I now realise that the only reason I had doubts was because no one has EVER done anything like this!! I couldn’t believe how well they have taken complex concepts and simplified them, with an added touch of MFF spice. Of course.

Whether you’ve been fucked like a porn star or weeping like a sad dog you will not only be whipped in to shape safely and effectively but you will have more fun than you ever thought possible.

Just a few days in, I stood in class listening to Mark encouragingly shout ‘’Just get 1% better’’ and it suddenly dawned on me what MFF was all about.  This place was not just a ‘gym’; it was a fitness paradise that specialises in making people happy in all facets of life. From life coaching to nutrition coaching to resistance training, these guys really do drop all kinds of knowledge bombs. I realised I had just worn a feather boa in a ’gym’, rocked baby blue shades in class and felt awesome doing it, I was hooked! I laughed and thought to myself, they’ve MFF’d me! They’ve Mark Fucking Fishered me! (#You’vebeenMFF’d)

Why do I think MFF has done so well?

MFF has liberated the gym-goer from the often judgemental, certainly not fun, commercial gym environment. In just two weeks I have seen the truly epic interest people have in riding the unicorn rainbow to fitness, and I don’t blame them! Put simply: They have made fitness fun!

There is quite simply no other gym like this ANYWHERE, and when I say ANYWHERE I mean A-N-Y-WHERE!! The sheer community feel, positive energy and vibrancy is infectious.

The whole time I was there it was like I was drinking some crazy unicorn kool-aid. I felt on top of the world, no matter how tired or jet lagged I was. There is no match for positive vibes.

I couldn’t fit the amount of information I’ve learnt on this blog without it stretching for pages so to break it down for you, I’ve decided to make two lists: one for you serious trainers looking to know how the best in the biz’ do it, and two for all you sexy regular folk who just wanna look good naked (I don’t blame you, That. Shit. Rocks).

Without further ado, here are some of the best things I learned while aboard the MFF express:



Books are the way to go, I may not be 2 books a week guy like Mark (Insert: WOW face) but I’m on my way.


Proper technique is vital for safety and optimal muscle recruitment, learn how to lift properly and don’t forget your mobility work (Stretch those fuckers we call hip flexors).


Coaching really is an art and knowing how to adapt to different personalities will make you the bees’ knees.

Sexy naked people


Apply MFF’s approach to all aspects of your life: If you just focus on getting 1% better each day, each workout, each challenge in your life, you will no doubt achieve what you desire.


If you’ve wanted to get in shape for a while, but the fear of a gym environment is stopping you (I don’t blame you) then take a risk on MFF. You’ll immediately find people in the same boat as you whose lives are either changing or have changed because of the amazing team at MFF. Forget the regular ‘gym’ experience, this is next level unicorn rainbow shit. They have changed the way I see training and well, life in general, and I know if you let them they will change you too.


Although it is important to focus on getting 1% better each day, you must also have your eye on the horizon. Make sure you’re heading in the direction that’s important to you. If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

I guess I want this post to hit any of you sexy Ninjas or anyone reading this who is dreaming of becoming a trainer or MFF genius to realise that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars going to college—no matter where you start, with patience and consistency you can do anything. (TWEET THAT SHIT!) I honestly believe those two traits will lead you toward success in any endeavour. Good luck on your journey, and remember you can climb any mountain you choose, one step at a time.

From the disco ball room of the Snatched class to the sexy semi-private training, the MFF team really will hump you into fitness heaven.

I have never felt so much love for a group of people in my life.

Keep on winning.


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