Testimonial: The Mountain to Rebirth

Ladies and germs, we present to your our latest evangelist of health and hotness, Snatched in 6 Weeks winner Kevin Burrows!  As you can see, he kicked the shit out of it, and we couldn’t be more wet proud!


“I used to be a Broadway Dancer.  My body was my tool and I took great care in trying to maintain a body that was genetically… a challenge. Thank you Grandma for these terrible hips and feet!  It took quite a toll over the years and eventually I left the business after continual injury and physical obstacles seemed ahead of me. I entered the culinary world and tried, now and again, to get back in shape, but repeated back injury would slam me back to the ground.

“After years of feeling like my once in-shape body would never get back to the strength and tone I once had I discovered Mark Fisher Fitness through my husband Christopher, who experienced life altering changes through their Snatched in 6 Weeks program.

“From the moment our program began I knew I was in great hands. The entire team knew my physical history, were out to make me feel safe against re-injury, but more importantly gave me the reassurance to move beyond my fear and move into confidence again. The social network was a net to help each of us when we were feeling doubt. Not only has my view on diet been turned upside down, but my stale, boring past history of “working out” has been blown out of the water! I looked forward to class every day and growing that much stronger with such an amazing and inspiring group of people, each on their own unique journey, but all facing the Mountain to Rebirth together! Group 3 and our Bear Crawl Cries will always be in my Soul!!

“Thank you Mark, Brian, Staci and the entire, wonderful MFF Team for creating such a welcoming, judgement free club where everyone can feel like they are Home!”


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