Fat Loss for Idiots with Mark Fisher Fitness: Part 2

5 Rules for Fat Loss Nutrition: Part 2 of 4

VIDEO: Fat Loss For Idiots Part 1: Nutrition

Finally!  A sequel that doesn’t suck!  If you missed the first part of our Fat Loss For Idiots series, click this link and get your learning on.  Then come right back and we can stick it in deep!

RULE 3: Get sufficient protein.

When health and hotness are the goal, sufficient protein is a must.  This is particularly important while in a caloric deficit.

By providing your body with sufficient protein during your fat loss adventure, you reap three advantages.

1. Satiation: Protein fills you up!  Consuming protein means you’ll be less likely to be hungry and eat Churros.

mmm…. Churros…

2. Muscle Retention: Remember, the goal isn’t weight loss, it’s FAT loss.  By providing your body with sufficient protein via your diet, you’re more likely to burn body fat than muscle tissue.  This is super important if you want to avoid the “saggy potato sack on bones” look. (And as will be covered in Fat Loss for Idiots Part 4, weight training will factor in here as well.)

3. Protein Burns More Calories During Digestion:  Without getting too geeky, the different macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) require some energy burnin’ in the digestion process.  Because protein is a total badass, that mother puts up a fight and the body has to burn calories just to break her down.

How MUCH protein should you consume?  The sports nutrition standard is 1 gram per pound per day.  There’s nothing magical about that number, but it’s easy to remember, sufficient for hotness, and completely safe.  If you’re not counting calories, no prob!  Just make sure you anchor your meals with a big ass serving of protein!

Fat Loss for Idiots Takeaway:  To burn fat, chow down on protein!

RULE 4: Cook Most Of Your Own Food.

Although everyone needs to find their own path, most folks will have to suck it up and learn to cook.  If you have the willpower to ask for modifications every time you go out to eat, you might do ok.  For most people, this is neither logistically or financially feasible.

Unfortunately, fresh, healthy, and delicious food prepared by someone other than yourself is generally not cheap.

And if you do decide counting calories is your preferred way to go, it’s always hard to guesstimate just what you’re getting when you eat out.  Once in a while is no prob, but if you eat out every meal, you’re rolling the health and hotness dice.

One of my favorite tips for fat loss: if you’re planning on working out 5 hours a week and don’t have time to cook and prepare food… you’d be better off working out 3-4 hours a week and spending 1-2 hours a week on food prep.

If you live live LIIIIIIVE for food, you’re gonna need to invest some time learning how to make some food that’s yummy.  If you fucking hate eating it, you’re unlikely to stick with it.  Take the time to learn the basics of cooking and food prep, and find some recipes you love so you have some go to meal choices that support your fat loss.

Fat Loss for Idiots Takeaway: If you’re serious about burning fat, make time for cooking.  If you don’t know how, learn!

RULE 5: Try shit for 2 weeks at a time and see what works.  Then adjust!

The final rule of Fat Loss for Idiots is about assessing your progress and making adjustments.  Once you’re trying something for two weeks (either calorie counting OR principles-based deficit with sufficient protein that you mostly prepare yourself), check your metrics and see how your body is responding.

WTF is wrong with you people.

Do your clothes fit differently?  Do you look different in the mirror?  Has your waist and or hips measurements changed from when you started?  Did the scale move?  (NOTE: This last metric is my LEAST favorite, as weight won’t take into account muscle gain that offsets fat loss.)

Remember, training is like farming.  For most folks, 1-2 pounds per week is a realistic and sustainable goal.  We’re just looking for signs that things are moving in the right direction.

If NOTHING is moving… no prob!  Change something.  Generally this will mean you’re either eating too much food for your body to lose weight, though in some cases, it may mean you’re actually under-eating and your body is getting pissed.

Although the specific possibilities and appropriate tweaks are outside the scope of this article, you should be seeing some sort of change.  While that can be frustrating, at least you know something needs to be altered to get things moving!

Fat Loss For Idiots Takeaway:  Don’t keep doing the same thing for weeks on end unless there actual demonstrable results. Track what’s happening, then adjust as needed!

Keeping It Simple

As the saying goes, fat loss isn’t complicated.  It’s hard.

Sure, getting down to 5% body fat is gonna require some more complicated rules than the ones provided in Fat Loss for Idiots.  But for the goals of most people simply looking to flatten their stomach or finally get rid of the winter weight gain, it’s really not rocket science.  Follow these rules and you watch your body respond!

Don’t forget to check out Fat Loss for Idiots Part 3, where I detail some rules for approaching your training!


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