Story of Glory: Michelle Kuchuk

Many Ninjas have overcome some incredible obstacles on the way to health and hotness. We believe that telling your story will inspire others to triumph over their own challenges.

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So, I had planned to write my MFF story today – I had time, and I wanted to get it all down. The amazing and serendipitous thing was that about halfway through my day, I received a sweet email from MFF telling me that today was the anniversary from when I first walked through that Clubhouse door. What?? What are the odds?!!

Okay, SO: where to begin? I’d always been relatively active, but working out had become such a chore and I didn’t feel like I was going anywhere. Add that to longtime body and food issues and you had someone who was pretty frustrated with her overall health and “fitness” situation. I had been been following MFF’s blog posts for a little while – I’d been attracted to their nerdy and sciencey-yet-ridiculous ways of talking about fitness – and finally decided to try it out … one year ago today, as I’ve discovered! Shortly thereafter, I decided to get Snatched. Now, it was a big commitment, I’m not gonna lie. But I had decided that I wanted it to be the beginning of the rest of my life – not only in food, exercise, in understanding my body and its struggles better, but in the rest of my life: in fear, in relationships, in the whole enchilada. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made (especially for myself) in my entire life.

From the very beginning, the MFF team (every single human, prop, and speck of glitter) made it clear that they were unbelievably dedicated to us. They nurtured us, they built us up, they were that shoulder for us, and they understood. They just understood. They developed the tools that we all need to create change – in our physique, in our eating habits, and in our lives. And I even knew about a lot of it! Don’t get me wrong – I also didn’t know a LOT – but Mark and his team helped me understand the stuff my brain already knew in my heart, as well. I officially joined MFF after Snatched wrapped, and I cannot stress how important doing Snatched and becoming a member of MFF has been for me. As cliché as it sounds, I’m actually enjoying the journey of my life more now, and was it a coincidence that I landed a dream job about a month after Snatched ended?! I’ve lived with some substantial fears of failure in certain areas of life, but MFF has taught me that failure is actually beautiful. Failure means that I am going balls to the walls and failure means that I am seeking to live my best life by engaging in things and in relationships that actually matter (to me), and that I am daring greatly in the things that make me excited to live my life. Mark Fisher Fitness has given me, and has continued to give me post-Snatched, the tools necessary to create balance. A balance between health, hotness, and happiness. I deserve my very best life, and MFF hammers that point home every single day, alongside expert guidance in fitness and health, and so many kettlebells.

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