Question: What is the best type of exercise to burn fat?

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Surprisingly…not cardio! (Whaaat!?!) 

Any type of exercise is going to burn calories. But if you’re looking to burn the maximal amount of calories (and hence maximal fat), strength training at a vigorous pace is your best bet.

Research has shown this form of training speeds up your metabolism for up to two days after a session, which isn’t something that happens with more traditional cardio.

Additionally, cardio seems to become less effective over time as your body adapts to it. Since your body is designed to stay alive, it becomes very efficient at tasks we repeatedly do. This is great when we need to run away from a lion. Unfortunately, it’s not so great when we’re looking to get a flat tummy. Rather than doing the same movements over and over, strength training allows for more variety by periodically changing up your workouts.

Strength training with good technique tends to be much easier on the joints than in the repetitive limited ranges of motion of traditional cardio. This is important for performers and anyone who wants to stay active as part of a long healthy and hot life.

And lastly, not only is strength training the best way to burn fat, it’s also going to help build strength and improve your muscle tone. Which is important if you want to look and feel your very best!

Again, doing cardio isn’t wrong per se. And you always want to factor in what you can make work logistically and what you love. But if you’re looking for the best fat loss results, and the best overall health and hotness results, strength training is going to be your best bet.

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