Stick It In Our Box: Booking at Midnight

Here’s a special mid-month edition of “Stick It In Our Box” feedback in response to the new class and SP booking window we’re rolling out this month.


So we wanted the booking window for classes and SPs to be early, but we didn’t want it to be at midnight on the 15th. What gives?!

For quite some time, our official booking period for each month has started at noon on the 15th of the prior month. Beginning today, the monthly schedule will be available to book starting at Midnight instead.

MFF is now using an automated feature in MINDBODY that allows us to make the entire month available for booking on a specific day. The catch is that the system automatically defaults to midnight, hence our change in timing. We made this decision for two reasons:

  • In the past, we had to manually publish each class and semi-private session separately. With over 550 classes and training sessions each month, this took some time – which meant that the schedule actually went live over a period of hours leading up to the official noon start time. This allowed some Ninjas to book things early while other Ninjas were waiting until noon, only to discover their desired class or training session was already full.
  • Additionally, because the process was so manual, there were invariably classes and training sessions that were accidentally missed, and therefore were not visible for booking. We often didn’t discover these errors until a day or two later when we noticed a completely empty class or a vacant hour in the Dragon Lair.

With this new process, everything is automated, and all of the classes and semi-private sessions go live at the exact same moment in time. We realize that midnight may not be ideal for all Ninjas, but the benefit of having the full schedule go live at one moment, without error, is the best way to give every Ninja an equal opportunity to make a plan for GLORY.

So, book that shit!



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