A Simple, Effective Workout to Burn Fat and Build Strength (in 10 Minutes!)

Here in New York, the summertime is heating up! The heat is oppressive, people are cranky, and the quicker you can get your workout finished and get to a cool shower, the better.

Around this time of year, people begin to ask me for my favorite summertime workouts, so let’s talk about it!

For me, it’s all about finding the best bang for your buck. As far as workouts are concerned, I like to figure out what can I do in a limited time that will make me feel like I’ve done some good body work, gotten a good sweat, and not killed myself.

In truth, if I can really focus, all I need is 10-15 minutes.

So many goalz, so little time…

I believe I have found the solution in a complex known as the Humane Burpee.

The Humane Burpee is a collection of three movements – the kettlebell swing, the goblet squat, and the reverse burpee. Put these three together, and you have a simple, effective, fat-burning, strength-building theme park in the palm of your hand.

The truly great thing about this complex is the minimalism. So little equipment needed for such a thorough ass kicking!

Break it down

Let’s break it down. The Humane Burpee looks like this:

The Movements: Kettlebell Swing, Goblet Squat, Reverse Burpee

Equipment: All you need is a kettlebell you can swing and goblet squat. I use a 24kg.

Rep Scheme: 5-4-3-2-1. Meaning, do 5 swings into 5 squats into 5 reverse burpees. Then 4, all the way down to 1. Once you get to 1, start over at 5.

Don’t have a kettlebell? Here’s a dumbbell version!

Don’t have dumbbells or kettlebells? Here’s a bodyweight version!

Das it!

This complex provides everything you need. You’ve got a great hinge movement with the Swing/DL/Jump Hinge. Followed by a squat, and some mobility and a press with the crawl to push up in the Reverse Burpee. All in all, it’s an efficient and effective combination.

I like this complex so much I wrote it into our latest Kick-Ass Conditioning class phase this month at MFF. I’m often wedging workouts in on my lunch break, in between meetings, and I find doing the Humane Burpee for 10-15 minutes leaves me feeling strong, capable, and refreshed.

If you’re pressed for time, and you want to get your training in, give this bad boy a try. You’ll be glad you did!


Geoff Hemingway is a Ninja Trainer and the Class Experience Manager at Mark Fisher Fitness. He’s also known as Mr. Wonderful because he’s as sweet as he is handsome. His fitness certifications include NASM CPT, SFG Level 2, CFSC, and Daniel John Black Belt. When he’s not forging Ninjas in the Fires of Hell’s Kitchen, he’s probably spending time with his sexy and talented wife Rose, searching for snacks with his handsome dog Ernie, or watching cartoons.


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