NINJA CHALLENGE: Three-Headed Beast

by Michael Keeler, Co-Owner, Business Wizard, Life & Business Coach

Attention all you sexy Ninjas!

Whether you know it or not you are a three-headed beast. Okay, you’re a cute beast, but a beast nonetheless. Not only are you fierce and powerful like a beast, but you also have access to (AT LEAST) three different “brains” to help you kick ass in life.

I know, it sounds like I’ve lost my damn mind – but hear me out.

For starters, when I say “brain” I’m really talking about thought processes. I know we only have one brain, but I’ll be defining three distinctive ways of using our brain. So, forget what you know about anatomy – skip down this path to glory with me and embrace the analogy.

Three Ways to Decide

By default you have three primary ways of making decisions on a daily basis – three thought processes. The proof is in your language – you typically say one of these three phrases when making a decision:

“What makes the most sense is…”

This is our logical brain.

“I feel like the best option is…”

This is our emotional brain.

“I’m not sure why, but I’m going to choose…”

This is our intuitive brain.

Let’s take a moment to chat about the less obvious of the three. WTF is intuition, anyway? It’s hard to define, right? It’s like a little voice in our gut that tells us what’s right and wrong – what’s good and bad. It often doesn’t make sense logically, but resonates with us on a deeper level. For some people intuition feels like a connection to a higher power. For some people, it is considered their connection to the greater universe or nature. Whatever it is for you, this is a practice in listening to that often ignored feeling in our gut known as intuition. Go with your gut!

Each of these three ways of thinking comes from one of your three “brains.” These are separate and distinctive ways of processing information and can result in very different outcomes. For the most part we get stuck using one, maybe two of these brains.

What does this mean? You are unconsciously limiting the way you see the world every day! (TWEET THAT SHIT!)

You make the same decisions over and over again expecting different results. You choose things automatically without considering the full array of options available to you. You ignore opportunity that is staring you right in the face.

We all have access to 2-3 times the amount of decision-making power that we use on a regular basis! Let’s tap into our full potential and kick some shit out of the places in our lives where we feel like we’re not nailing it.


Pick a place in your life where you feel stagnant or stuck. Then use ALL THREE BRAINS to consider all of the possibilities available to you.

Let Me Show You How:

Step #1

Write down a place in your life where you feel stuck or unable to make improvement. It can be anything – career, relationships, health and hotness. Be specific. Identify specific places where you want to make a change. Most of the time this will lead you to a crossroads – do I choose this way, or this way, or this way? You likely have two or more options before you.

Step #2

Write down your answer to this question: What is the most logical choice?

Step #3

Write down your answer to this question: What feelings come up when I consider each choice?

Step #4

Write down your answer to this question: What does my intuition tell me about these choices?

Here is something to consider. Using all three brains gives you access to more information, and we all know more isn’t better – more is just more. So then how does this exercise help you make decisions?

It doesn’t.

This exercise is giving you access to better information, so ideally the decisions you make are chosen by your complete self. This exercise allows your logical, emotional, and intuitive self to all have a role in the choices you make. That’s where our power comes from – from being our fully expressed, fully realized selves.

Certainly if your responses to all three questions point in the same direction then chances are good you’ve found your next action steps. However, if your answers to all three questions just leave you with more questions – that’s also great! Now you are playing a card game with a full deck. You’re not leaving out parts of who you are by default – your logic, your emotions, and your gut are all part of the conversation. That’s how you live life FULL OUT!

How could this “three-headed approach” make a difference in your life? Once you’ve done the exercise, tell me this – What came up for you? What was revealed in this exercise that you didn’t know (or didn’t admit) before?

Tell me about it in the chat below.

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