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BookMarked!: The War of Art

A sexy new MFF Newsletter feature that answers the question: “Hey Mark, read any good books lately?”

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Pressfield’s book applies to any and all humans who want to create anything. So baaaasically, all fucking humans. The premise of the book is that all artists face a force called “The Resistance” that seeks to cockblock them from doing their work and sharing their gifts with the world. The bigger your work, the stronger the Resistance.
There’s a lot in this book that rings true to my core values. Firstly, everyone is an artist. Secondly, “art is work.” Stop checking Facebook. Stop waiting for the right time. Stop justifying your procrastination. You’re taking a risk your song will die inside you, and if that happens, all of humanity loses. Do the work! 


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