New Year, New You, New Job: Explore What You Are Good At

by Guest Ninja Regina Gatti

Why Why Why?

Start with why, and then read Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why.

Without a clear understanding of why you want to do what you want to do, there is no real basis for doing it! (TWEET THAT SHIT!) It’s like signing up for Snatched, but not knowing why you are going to work hard, eat a shit ton of protein and challenge yourself for weeks!  How much more devoted will you be, how much harder will you work, how much more dedicated will you be if you have a clear vision of why you are compelled to do this, and what you envision for the results?

It’s the same with job searching. It is important to have a clear understanding of WHY you want to change your career or find a new employer.  You will interview much better knowing your why, because your reasons will be genuine and your motivations clear.

Ask Yourself : What Do You Value?

Basically, what do you hate and what don’t you hate about your job…or in nicer terms, what do you value most?

When I meet a candidate, I ask them to rate the top three things they want in their new job.

Ask yourself this question!

Is it:

  • Flexibility
  • Money
  • Company Culture
  • Title of the role
  • Job Duties
  • Hours
  • Location
  • Do you need to be around rainbow unicorns and Brian Patrick Murphy in his underwear?

Get Out of Your Box, yo!

So now that you know your WHY and your WHAT, it’s time to mother f*cking do something about it!

Have you ever heard that saying “The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”? Apply that to your job search.  Burning your thigh hair off with your laptop because you sit there for hours forwarding resumes to any job post that seems remotely interesting to you, may not be your best bet. (Trust me, it’s not). And bitching about your plight to your friends, may not be working either. Plus, they are going to get sick of listening to you. I did both of those things for months!  It got old—for me and for those around me.

Funny enough, it was my dog’s trainer that introduced me to my current boss.  Now if you know me, you know that I am 100% obsessed with my baby (my dog Reggie; and no I didn’t name him after myself, he was named Reggie when I adopted him from the BARC Shelter in Brooklyn; but no I did not venture to change his name either.)  I digress. I decided that since I hated my job, I should focus elsewhere.  I got Reggie a dog trainer so that he could become a star, and ended up meeting a new person, exploring a new hobby, and finding a new way to spend my time. The dog trainer suggested that I see the recruiter at Green Key who helped her get a job! I went, and one thing led to another. Now that great recruiter is my great boss!

The moral of the story? People lead to people!  Get out and make some new friends or just talk to a stranger, they might need you as much as you need them.

Explore What Are You Naturally Good At

I didn’t even know what a recruiter was, but it seemed like a great fit! The job hit all my “hot buttons,” all the things I wanted which were to make more money, to have autonomy and to run my own business. The interview process was seamless. Our goals and ideals aligned; they wanted what I had to offer and vice versa!  They wanted ME, just as I was, a hard-working, won’t take no for an answer, money motivated, mover/shaker, ex-actor with a jumpy resume and yes, no experience at all with recruiting. They were also willing to take a chance, and so was I.  I knew that I would be good at it, because it used my natural talents, and I knew what those were. What are yours?

Consider your natural and innate skills!  Ya know how you look at other people sometimes and say, “Gee, I could never do that!” Well, they probably look at you too and say “WTF! How did that bitch do that? Damn!” They couldn’t do what you do either! Remember- there is something for everyone!

I’ll never forget what my mother told me once- when you find a job that utilizes your natural skills, it is then when you will be most successful!  I struggled with this for a long time, as many young people do, as I continued to pursue a career path that felt unnatural, difficult, stressful and insecure. But I kept searching—searching my soul, asking questions, developing relationships and hobbies, networking and hanging out at the Clubhouse. It all led to what feels like a perfect fit for me! But first, I had to get fo’ real with myself and recognize my skills.  So I made a list.

The shit I am good at:

  1. I like talking (I could talk to anyone.)
  2. I am fine with rejection (I got really good at that when I was an actor.)
  3. I like to help people (it feels great when my candidate gets their perfect new gig thanks to my contacts and coaching)
  4. The more I work, the more money I make! And I love money and love that philosophy- so sales is a good option for me!

So, if you are introverted, cry when people tell you no, and couldn’t care less about money, then definitely don’t go into sales! When I stopped to really think about it, I come from a long line of outgoing, gregarious, convincing, caring communicators. It’s no wonder those are my strong suits too!

If you ask yourself why, determine what is most important to you, network and create resources around you, and identify your natural abilities and look for a job that needs those skills, you too will find that ideal fit!  Remember- no one really gives a shit what you do, they just want you to be happy.  Happiness is the ultimate success! (TWEET THAT SHIT!)


Regina is an MFF Ninja, former performer, and Executive Recruiter at Green Key Resources on Park Avenue.  She calls her job “corporate casting” and is always looking for new and great candidates— to help get them a new job, offer interview coaching, career consultation, or hook them up with occasional temp gigs!

If that might be you, you may contact her at:


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