My Sister is a Rock Star

And now, a very special edition of “bragging about my clients.”

This one is rather personal and meaningful because the client in question came out of my mother seven minutes after I made my debut as a human.  My twin sister Robyn struggled with weight growing up.  But as she describes below, she decided to do something about it.  And to say she utterly and ridiculously succeeded is an absurd understatement.  Get a load of THESE pics!

“Last April I was sitting in my backyard and caught my reflection in the glass of our backdoor. I didn’t recognize myself; I had become…..big. Perhaps even close to a TLC special “big”. I realized that the pain I was feeling in my knees and right heel were not because of long hours at work, but a result of poor eating and a nearly sedentary lifestyle. I don’t want to say I had ballooned up suddenly. I have always been plus sizes even as a child. The thinnest I had been as an adult was a brief 6 month phase where i could squeeze into a size 16. I was now rocking a size 20, and that was with the assistance of a body shaper under my jeans. I didn’t start my weight loss process due to self esteem or even a desire for “hotness” ( i have an amazing husband who loves every bit of me, no matter the size). I got on the scale that day and watched the numbers climb. When it stopped, wheezing, on 260 pounds I knew something had to change. So who else would I call upon when wanting to bring fitness in to my life? Mark Fisher, supertrainer to the stars, and in this case, long distance trainer to his twin sister. I called Mark to talk it out, and he was reasonably excited that I no longer wanted to live in the size I was. We discussed eating plans, and I chose a low-carb lifestyle because it was something that would offer quick results and allow me to stay within my food budget.  Mark would always answer victory texts (“Ten pounds down!”) and queries about how I was to get better at exercising.  He pushed me forward but never pressured me and ALWAYS emphasized how it is most important to do the right thing for MY body and not jump on crazy band wagons because some one on the Internet said to. My first wedding gown was a size 20. When I got married this March, my new gown was a size 14. I am currently down 95 pounds and I have 10 more to go. I want others to know that it can be done as long as you want it and have a great trainer in your (long distance) corner.”

I mean, I know I’m biased cuz she’s my sister, but SERIOUSLY, how bad ass is she?  Great job Robyn!  Sorry I was such a dick when we were kids.  It was only because I (not so) secretly hated myself and I was mega insecure and full of childhood angst.  I’m beyond proud of you, humbled to have had a small part in your transformation, and I LOVE YOOOOOOU!!!!


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