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Mirror, Mirror: Reflections on Body Image and Self-Love

“Mirror, mirror on the wall. Don’t say it cuz I know I’m cute… Oh, Baby.”

Sometimes I feel like this. Sometimes I don’t….

Throughout my life, I’ve always had trouble believing my reflection and being truly happy with what I see. My eyes immediately dart to the parts of my body that I’m self conscious about and the voice of judgement rears its ugly head. It doesn’t matter what anyone says to me, I only hear that voice.

So I decided to actively do something about it. If you’re like me and you have a rocky relationship with your own reflection, then let’s make some goddamn changes.

1. Kick Out That “Bad Boyfriend”

All mirrors are not created equally, that’s just a fact. We’ve all looked in certain mirrors and thought “DAMN! I LOOK GOOD” or others and thought “HOW DID I JUST GAIN 4BILLION POUNDS?!” Same body. Same day. If you’re anything like me, you believe the second mirror and brush off the reflection that made you smile and feel confident. 

About a year ago, I realized that my mirror made me feel a little bit bad. I would sneak into my roommate’s room to check myself out because I loved the version of me I saw in her mirror.

So I made a simple decision: I found a mirror that makes me feel good when I looked into it. This doesn’t mean break the bank on a fancy ass mirror. Heck, I found mine on Craigslist for $5! It’s just a simple step to get a little more “DAMN! I LOOK GOOD” into your day.

2. Create a Supportive Space

If you recognize that you have a tricky relationship with mirrors, make a point to create a home that supports you.

I used to have a full-length mirror and a large ornate mirror in my small Brooklyn bedroom. There was no escaping my own reflection. Everywhere I went, there I was. Daily, I stared at myself and picked apart all of my “flaws.” This was not a supportive environment.

So I made a change.

I put my ornate mirror on a common space wall as a decorative piece and I moved my full-length mirror to a less central spot in my room. The sense of relief I felt from not being bombarded with my own reflection was immediate.

Allow yourself a moment to escape from the enemy in your own mind. 

3. Fight Those Mean Thoughts with a Little Love

When you look in the mirror, where do your eyes focus first? Do you check out the parts of your body that make you feel strong and happy? Or do your eyes dart straight to the areas that you feel self-conscious about? Unfortunately, a lot of us relate to the latter.

Let’s rethink how we look at our bodies in the mirror.

Our bodies are fucking incredible and they work really hard to keep us alive. Maybe instead of tearing down the parts of your body that you don’t like, take a moment to thank those parts for doing such a good job.

Thank you belly for helping me eat food every day, for digesting it and turning it into the energy that keeps me alive.

Thank you thighs for helping me stand up strong and dance really hard.

Then find what you LOVE about yourself and focus on that shit. Look yourself in the eyes and shower yourself with a moment of kindness. 

You Got This

This is a lifelong process, y’all, but taking small, active steps towards loving that you in the mirror will slowly add up.

So let’s all take note from the Lizzo, the queen of self-love herself:

Look up in the mirror like damn she the one. Yeah damn she the one.

Xoxox times a million,

Molly Electro, MFF Unicorn Trainer and Go-Go Kween

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Molly “Electro” Jackson is a Ninja Trainer and resident Go-Go Kween at Mark Fisher Fitness.

Fitness Credentials: NASM CPT, AFAA GroupEx

Quick Health & Hotness Tip: Stop giving f*cks about how others view you. Do you. Go hard. Be a warrior. Be a badass.

Here’s a Little More About Molly: Born and raised in Boston, went to school in Philly for dance and stayed there for 8 years, then came to NYC 5 years ago to see what this city could offer me. I’m still an active dancer, primarily video work and gogo dancing (haay). I started my fitness career as a cardio dance instructor and a few years ago, became obsessed with functional training, smashing heavy stuff and crawling around like an animal. Now I’m a trainer, teach a variety of classes (spin, cardio, HIIT) and partner with various organizations as a dance fitness teacher.


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