I’m a Lover, Not a Hater

Few things in life are black and white.  And certainly in the fitness industry, there are few, if any, absolutes.  A training protocol that packs muscle on one person seems to do nothing for another.  In spite of what the Taubes crowd thinks, some people do great on a high carb, low fat, 80’s style diet.  And while weight training circuits designed to burn fat seem to be the best way to go for most people, some people successfully lean out by dialing in nutrition and lifting heavy for thirty minutes two to three times a week.

That said… fitness is NOT religion.  We DO know some things, in spite of an industry full of “gurus” that seem intent on making health and hotness a confusing and convoluted affair.

Now that I’ve been around the block a few times, it’s common knowledge among those familiar with MFF that I have some strong opinions about what is the best way to do things.  This is a fair assessment.

While I do think some strategies are superior to others, I’m ALWAYS open to integrating new info and changing my mind.  Though we have our preferred methods at MFF, as students of the history of the fitness industry, we know that there is truth to the scientific adage “half of what we know is wrong, we just don’t know which half.”

I don’t think sit-ups or crunches are a good idea for most people most of the time.  Is it possible there will come a day when we add them back in and feel we were overreacting?  Maybe.  But for today, while I think they suck for most people most of the time, I don’t HATE them.

I think for most folks, six meals a day is a hyooooge pain in the ass.   Particularly during a diet, people are better off eating fewer, more substantial meals.  Furthermore, we know the whole “keeping your metabolic furnace” stoked reasoning isn’t backed up by the science.  But is it wrong to eat six meals a day?   Hell no!  Live your life kid.  If you dig eating like that, have at it!

Is running going to completely fuck your knees?  Maybe!  Is it a poor choice for fat loss?  I think so!  But do I think it’s wrong, or worthless, or inherently dangerous?  No, no, and no.  And as I’ve admitted before, I enjoy going for jogs, I just don’t do it to support fat loss (TWEET THAT SHIT!), I do it because I like being outside on nice days.  Plus it’s socially acceptable for me to have my shirt off.  I find shirts SO constricting.  However, it’s come to my attention that people are less forgiving if you go for a jog pant-less.  This seems kind of prejudiced to thighs, but even I occasionally bow to social norms (albeit reluctantly).

So remember, exercise choices and dietary strategies are rarely ever “wrong.”  Some are definitely better than others.  And some carry more risk than benefit.  But as long time readers know, I think it’s the duty of the intellectually honest to be wary of dogma at all times, PARTICULARLY in themselves.

So let the record clearly state, I’m not a hater!  I’m a lover.  A lover of ninjas, a lover of glory, a lover of pants-less jogs.  And if I come off strong sometimes, it’s merely because I feel one of my most important roles is as a consumer advocate.  I have your back gentle reader.  But let’s keep each other honest, ok?  MFF is gonna remain a dogma-free zone, and you are WELCOME to call us out if you feel we’re tipping into that sticky puddle.

I leave you again with my personal mantra…

“Trust those who seek truth.  Be wary of those who’ve found it.”

Let’s keep learning.  Let’s keep trying shit and see what works.  Let’s keep getting better.


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