Fitness Diva : Jenna Zemering

And lo and behold… the MFF Team doth grow by one more Fitness Ninja Warrior!  Ladies and gentleman, I proudly present to you Jenna Zemering, our newest trainer!  I’ve actually been working with Jenna for several weeks as she’s been learning the ways of the Fisher Fitness Ninja, and I can tell you she is beyond impressive.  It’s not exactly a secret that I feel much of the fitness industry doesn’t take their job as seriously as they should.   Jenna has utterly blown me away with her intelligence, her passion for fitness, and, most of all, her all around good human-ness.  It’s a pleasure and an honor to work with someone whose passion for fitness is fueled by a legitimate desire to help other humans live healthier and hotter lives.  So although I could go on and on and brag away like a proud papa, let’s just have a little chat with the lady herself, shall we?

MF:  So Jenna.  Why don’t we start off by telling our beloved readers  a little bit about your background: personal background, fitness background, imaginary background, etc.  Go!

JZ:  Hello Beloved readers!! Let’s see, where to begin here… I grew up on Long Island, NY and studied Business Management & Marketing at the University of Hartford.  I was obsessed with fashion and decided to apply for a couple of jobs in the fashion industry.  A week later, I scored a job doing product development and retail buying for a fashion accessories company here in NYC.  3 1/2 years later, I decided that I needed something bigger and better.  I had a mission to change the world in some way, I just didn’t know how or what to do at the time.  Being the fitness enthusiast that I am, I looked into some personal training programs.  Not knowing what to expect, I came to realize that most of the programs were web based (I have NO idea why!!) and learning movement through a text book was weird to me.  I came across an amazing training school, formerly known as the American Academy of Personal Training (taught by Jedi Master Brad Schoenfeld), which I enrolled in right away!

6 months later, I completed the course with the feeling that my fitness career was only beginning!  I then went for a national personal training accreditation through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and quit my job!!  It was a very risky move to make at that point in my life as I was climbing up the corporate fashion ladder (it’s a glittery pink ladder), but I just needed MORE and wanted to change some lives in the process (no biggie!).  I began working at a corporate gym, continued my education with a corrective exercise certification (NASM), and attained a kettlebell certification through KBC (<3 Kettlebells so much).  I’ve loved every SINGLE minute of it.

MF:  Wow.  I imagine it was hard to bail on that glittery pink corporate fashion ladder, but I’m sure glad you did!  I understand you can bench press 315 pounds.  Why are you still hot and small?  Shouldn’t that turn you into a hulking she-monster?

JZ:  316 lbs. to be exact =).  As Nia Shanks (she deadlifts 330 lbs.) would say, “lift like a girl.”  I used to be the 1-hour-on-the-elliptical-while-watching-TMZ type of girl until I discovered weight training!  It feels good to move metal and grunt like a gorilla. There are so many inspiring female trainers out there who push me harder everyday at the gym. Females cannot get that “bulky” effect that men get, since we do not have the same hormonal make-up (Oh, yea…I also love makeup!) as men.  Ladies, we need to show these boys what’s up!  PS: I’m working on perfecting my one arm push ups.  GAME ON!

MF:  1 Arm Pushup?  Um… fuck yes.  (Lady Ninjas, we are sooo gonna have a 1 Arm Pushup contest NOT KIDDING.)  How the hell did I convince you to start working for MFF?  Was it your love of unicorns and profanity?

JZ:  It was actually my love of that bright rainbow…I kid…I kid!  In all honesty, there was no convincing needed.  It is an honor to work for Mark Fisher Fitness and be a part of this BADASS team.  I believe in everything that you preach and agree that the fitness industry needs more leaders like you.  Your passion to make the world healthy and hot in a safe, effective, and kick-ass way is clearly visible through your work; a model for other aspiring fitness “up-and-comers”.  How could I turn that down?

MF:  I can honestly say, I literally blushed the first time I read that.  Like face-burning-holy-crap-that-means-so-much-coming-from-someone-I-respect-as-much-as-you  blushing.

Kindly tell folks what you have to offer those seeking MFF Health and Hotness Glory!

JZ:  Let’s just say I follow the “work hard, play hard” model.  I put in 1000% of my effort every day (sometimes with special help from Monster & Starbucks) as my clients mean the world to me. It is my duty to help people reach their goals, and I will do whatever I can to make it happen!  My passion, knowledge, and expertise is waiting to be spread to the MFF community.  Come & get it!

MF:  AMAZEballs.

There you have it kiddies!  Jenna is officially on the field for us and starting to pick up clients.  So if you think Kyle and I are swell and all, but you just prefer some girl-power, let’s make it happen!

We seriously have the best staff ever.  We love making you healthy and hot!!  Email us at, and we’ll give you the low down on your various options for kicking fitness ass with us!  But only if you want amazing results achieved in a safe and super fun way.  Otherwise, we’re not really right for you.


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