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Welcome to the second edition of ASK THE WIZARD. I am here to answer all your questions about life, business, and the pursuit of awesomeness. Let’s dive into three fantastic questions you guys submitted. Don’t forget to submit YOUR question here. The Wizard knows all, so don’t be shy!

“Many of your staff come from musical theater backgrounds and relentlessly educate themselves on all things health. What do you suggest to people who have a health background and want to educate themselves on awesomeness (read: silly playful fearless self-confidence risk-takers wearing costumes while coaching)?”

      –  The Suit

Hello Mr. Suit,

What a f*cking awesome question!! I already know you’re an extraordinary individual because asking this question tells me you’re ready to jump outside your comfort zone and expand your buttoned-up workplace persona.

Let’s draw you a roadmap to the playground…

First things, first… play is a mindset not an intellectual paradigm to master (well, it could be, but that’s a different blog).  Play is a mindset because you can decide to have a playful, fearless approach to anything in life. Play is a choice. You choose to see the world as a place where you are free to experiment, and express yourself, and take risks. No one gives you permission. No book can give you a step-by-step guide that makes you a fearless, playful, risk-taker overnight. You decide to show up in your life every day CURIOUS and FREE to explore! (TWEET THAT SHIT!)

You made the point that most folks at MFF come from a musical theater background, which is totally true. And what they all have in common is that (on the whole) they have taken time to practice challenging their boundaries. They have taken time to practice getting out of their comfort zone, looking silly, falling down, and getting back up. A BIG part of this equation (which many performers still struggle with) is letting go what people think of you. Now, I don’t mean that in a “f*ck what people think” kind of way— some ownership of your public persona is useful (you’re not going to be very effective in life if everyone thinks you’re an a$$hole). To truly be playful you have to let go of what others think of you to the extent that you are willing to be different. To stand out.

To be the one guy wearing a rainbow bow-tie at a conference table full of blue and black suits.

To be the one person in the park trying to do cartwheels after falling flat on your face 20 times.

To be the one person singing out loud on your headphones on a bus full of strangers. #SingOutLouise

My humble advice to you. Don’t try to learn shit about play or ridiculousness from a book. Instead go PRACTICE IT! Here are ten things you can do this week to tap into your ridiculous, child-like, playful nature:

  1. Go build a fort with sheets and pillows
  2. Invite some friends over to finger paint
  3. Sign up for a dance class
  4. Play music at your next work meeting
  5. Go roller skating
  6. Buy some wigs or hats and do a selfie photo shoot
  7. Make a list of the top five things you have the most fun doing – do them with abandon!
  8. Write a song
  9. Call someone and tell them how awesome they are
  10. Spend more time with the most ridiculous people you know

That’s your bucket list. Go PLAY!

Tell me below what is on your ridiculous bucket list.

Let’s make some magic.

“When will I be rich?”

      –  Anonymous

What’s up, Anonymous! Short question. Here’s a short answer. You’ll be rich when you find your unique way of adding value to the world and convince people that you’re the best at it. Carpe diem!

“I’ve never worked out the in the way that I do at MFF (read: HARD). I was just a cardio guy up till now. I’d eat a banana or some toast and then go elliptical for an hour (it was AWFUL). Anyway, what should I eat before a MFF class. I often feel like I don’t put enough gas in the tank before class. HELP Mr. Wizard!”

      –  Hungry Ninja

Hey Hungry Ninja! Let’s get you some damn food! Awesome question—and a super common one we hear all the time at MFF. Your workouts are harder than ever and you want to make sure you’re fueled to give 110%. This makes perfect sense—you’re a rockstar for asking!

The honest and best answer to this question is gonna piss you off, which is… it depends. It depends on your goals and your personal preferences. Here are MFF’s standard recommendations in a vacuum…

Want to lose maximal fat? At least eat protein before and after your workout.

Want to tone up without losing bodyweight? Eat protein before and protein and carbs after.

Want to build muscle? Eat protein and carbs before and after your workout.

Now, these suggestions are super crude and don’t take into account your personal preferences or what make logistical sense for your life. Some folks feel really nauseous if they eat too close to a workout. Some folks could eat a whole bowl of pasta and jump right into a 1-hour intense cardio workout (Yours truly would fall the f*ck to sleep after eating a bowl of pasta). Some folks have a very regimented daily food and fitness regime, others need lots of flexibility. The goal is to NOT toss your cookies all over the gym and to NOT pick a strategy that doesn’t actually work with your lifestyle. You do you, Ninja.

The answer to this question really requires you to do some experimenting. Try some shit! Eat some greek yogurt and a banana before your workout. Not enough? Add a protein shake. Not enough? Try a whole meal. Keep trying until you land on what works for you.

Like many things in life, the value is really in the journey.

The process of learning about what your body needs is a super beneficial lesson. (TWEET THAT SHIT!) Just think—if you have the discipline to converse with your body in this way, learning what it needs—what else can you learn from yourself? If you have the ability to master your relationship with food, what other realms of personal mastery can you achieve?

Working on your health and hotness is the gateway drug to personal mastery—don’t stop there!

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