A Marksist Perspective

Goethe, Sartre, Nietzsche…Nothing like a good quote from a sage philosopher to motivate and inspire.

If you know anything about Mark Fisher Fitness, you know that Mark Fisher likes to wax philosophical as much as time allows. Even in 20 seconds between exercise sets, he finds a way to drop those philosophy bombs. Let’s take a look at some of those quotables as we look at… 

A Marksist Perspective

“I love deadlifts as much as the next guy.  I love getting my ass kicked in a killer metabolic resistance training circuit.  And while I don’t really listen to deathmetal per se, lemme tell you… you haven’t LIVED until you’ve done that final set while blaring “Ease on Down the Road” from the Broadway musical The Wiz!”

“If your body and brain aren’t receiving the mandatory base level of physical stimulus they need to function, you can’t achieve peak levels of happiness. This is to say nothing of the fact that health really is the first wealth.”

“Tickle the dragon’s balls, but don’t let him cum in your eye.”

“If you’re planning on working out 5 hours a week and don’t have time to cook and prepare food… you’d be better off working out 3-4 hours a week and spending 1-2 hours a week on food prep.”

“We will continue to work to keep Clubhouse life dedicated to making the pursuit of serious fitness synonymous with joy. In a very serious world, we are committed to making you smile and giggle like a 6 year old. And we are acutely aware this may be the most important service we have to offer.”

“In addition to being “fuel,” food has cultural, social, and psychological elements that we should continue to embrace.  It’s part of what makes food magic, and channeled appropriately, this is a great thing.”

“Should we just take ‘shrooms, commune with the Earth, and always be barefoot?”

There’s No Fucking Secret. Just the basics and bone crushing work.”

“It would be easy to discount the glitter and speedos and improv dance parties as artifice.

But that would be a mistake.

“I will lovingly suggest that anyone who doesn’t own a certain child-like love of play and creativity and silliness is really not living a whole life.”

“Remember. Your body is designed to function perfectly in a world that no longer exists.”

“Everything works.  If you go from eating poorly to eating sensibly, you’ll look better even without working out.  And if you add in ANY training, it will only speed up your gains.  Because any training style works in the beginning.  Particularly if your previous activity consisted of getting up and off the couch for another snack while you watched TV.”

“There is one thing that all successful dramatic health and hotness makeovers have in common.

Bone crushing work.  Disgusting, sickening, CONSISTENT work ethic.”

“Achieving optimal levels of health and hotness isn’t about a “super special fat incinerating workout.”  It’s not about consistently eating a super food, and it’s not about avoiding one food item.  There’s no “One Weird Trick To Lose Stomach Fat.”

“Everything works. And the real secret is working your fucking ass off at the basics.”

“I’m cooking up some Ninjas in my easy-bake oven.”

“If your goal is just to be healthy and hot, you’ll want to settle on doing the right amount of exercise for your goals, not as much as possible.”

“The classic fat loss mistake is to cut the shit out of your calories and go nuts with high intensity exercise.   Your body can interpret this as “HEY!  Motherfucker!!!  Not only am I’m starving you…. I’m GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!!!!”  Not ideal to soothe your body into releasing its fat stores.”

“Keep your mind open but don’t let your brain fall out!”

“There’s just something cool about flinging around a metal cannonball with a handle.”

“…sexy is NEVER a bad thing when enticing someone to kick fitness ass!”

“In science, we would diagnose this as ‘your hips are fucking tight.’”

“Another important benefit of carries is developing mental grit. It’s not easy to fight through fatigue and finish a set of carries, particularly if you’re already gassed. Once again, self-limiting exercises allow us an opportunity to develop mental fortitude safely.”

“You know how there’s that silly game where you go to an island and you can only bring one exercise?  My exercise choice is “getting off the fucking island exercise.”  My second choice may very well be the Turkish Get-Up.”

“No matter what path you choose, I promise you’re gonna pay a price anyway.  There are literally no shortcuts to anything of value in life.”

“Sleep is one of the most underappreciated elements of health and hotness.  If you’re not getting solid sleep, your body can’t do its fat burning thang (that’s right, I said thang).”

“Your body doesn’t care what it “feels” like.  It simply adapts to the stimulus you provide it.”

“I believe all humans must follow their own path to health and hotness.  And in all honesty, if you feel super comfortable in a traditional gym, you might not enjoy a space so unicornish (NOT A WORD). Totally cool. You still fucking rock.”

“No wrong choices kiddies. But ultimately, you ARE making a choice.  So I ask you:

Who do you want to be today?”


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