Why I Hired a Fitness Coach

Good morrow, gentle reader!
I’m pretty excited. I’ll be working with my newest fitness coach soon. Yay!

“But MARK… you are MARK FISHER FITNESS… what sayest thou??”
Yep. I know it sounds strange.
But I want the secret sauce.
I want the same secret sauce we put into our classes and small group personal training and our at-home, bodyweight only, virtual classes.

This sauce is as simple as it is powerful…

Let me first call out a challenge that many, many people have with their fitness: we’re just not sure exactly what to do. So we go to the gym, and we riff.

I have a name for these workouts.

I call them “Some o’ Deeze, Some o’ Doze” workouts.

That’s when you walk around the gym and do random stuff. First, you’ll do some of these exercises. Then, after that, maybe you’ll do some of those exercises. After that? Well, then maybe we’re bored. So you go jog on the treadmill because at least it’s obvious what to do there and you’ll get your sweat on.

To be clear… you’re doing something! And that’s neat-o. I’m not one to EVER poo poo physical activity.

At the same time, I know how uninspiring it can be to do exercises at random.

You’re never quite sure of what exercises you should be doing.

Or how many repetitions.

Or how many sets.

Or how much weight to use.

Or how long your workout should be.

Without some kind of plan, working out can be unfulfilling. You feel rudderless and kinda bored. And this is hard to stick with!

Believe it or not, I myself can fall into the same trap. Sure, I know how to design a program. I understand exercise selection. I’ve spent years studying how the body responds to different volumes. So you’d think it would be easier for me. And at least, in theory, it could be.

But in practice? When I design my own programs I tend to second guess myself.

Since I’m the one who wrote it, I tend to fall in a rut. I give myself permission to change things up on the fly. I avoid doing stuff I don’t like. And I confess, at times my creativity fails me.

So how do I avoid falling into slightly more sophisticated “Some O’ Deeze, Some O’ Doze” workouts?

Same as you.

I hire a coach to give me a program.

This way I can just show up and do what I’m told.

As happens so often in life, this structure gives me freedom.

And that, is EXACTLY what many Ninjas find so valuable about MFF.

When you train with MFF, all you have to do is show up.

We’ll show you exactly what to do.

You don’t have to think about stuff.

You can just come to the Clubhouse for classes and small group personal training sessions. We’ll have the program ready and planned in advance. And our coaches will lead you through it. Sure, you’ll want to be engaged with the execution. But you’re not having to make anything up. You’re just running the play.

Want to check out our in-person training at our Hell’s Kitchen Clubhouse? You can try us out with a no commitment for only $99.

If you’re logging on for a Homebody class, it’s gonna fly by. Just click the link to open up Zoom, set up your computer, phone, or iPad where you can see the coach, then follow along. Yes, you’ll work hard. Yes, it doesn’t always feel like gentle butterfly kisses. But you never have to ask yourself what to do.

Want to check out an intro offer for our at-home, bodyweight only, virtual classes? Check out our Homebody 14 Day Challenge and snag 12 classes for only FREE.

We may be ridiculous humans, but we’re very, very serious about fitness.

When you’re training with a good coach and a well-designed program, you can just show up and outsource the thinking.

It’s our job (and pleasure!) to help you workout at the correct level of intensity to be successful and actually get results.

At MFF, you’ll never get smashed for its own sake.

If you’re new to training, we’ll help you ease in, stay injury free, and dareisayit, enjoy the process!

So what’s your role in this?

You just have to show up. Dassit.

That’s the real magic behind working with a great fitness coach.

Admittedly, many humans enjoy designing their own workouts. It’s possible you’re self-motivated and you can keep yourself accountable to design and follow your own training plan. And if so, that’s awesome!

But I personally like to outsource this.

So if you’re like me or our Ninjas, you may decide you want some halp.

And if you happen to be looking for a friendly crew of weirdos who are true experts AND committed to your success…

We’d love to hang out with you!

Lurvin’ your so hard,

PS Want to see some real life experiences of Ninjas just like you?

“Before I came to MFF, my partner worked out here and he worked out here for a while and every day he would come home and he’d say, “You have to come to Mark Fisher.”

And I’d be like, “Absolutely not. That is not my place.” For a year. Maybe more than a year. I’d say, “No way. I’m not going to…”

I always used to say that before Mark Fisher Fitness, I used to think I needed to work out in shame and darkness. And then I came here and I found out that I could work out in light, positivity, and joy.”

“We’re an unassuming couple who have unlocked our superpower potential through the mighty rainbow unicorn magic of Mark Fisher Fitness Homebody.

We’ve been doing Homebody ever since it started, and we’ve done it every day since then. In that time we’ve each lost 27 pounds I think.

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