Toning Shoes Make Me Want To Put a Knife In My Eye

Alright. You’ve seen the shoes.  You’ve seen the ads. You’ve even seen the commercial version of the ad above. And frankly… the gal in the commercial is in fact, absurdly hot.  Good commercial ad guys!  I’m gonna go buy a pair ASAP!!!  I too long for firm toned buttocks!!!! (Mad Men 1, Mark 0).

But do these shoes do what they say?

I’m gonna go with a big fat “I can’t believe you even have to ask, don’t worry I still love you, come here, I just want to hold you for a moment, there, don’t you feel better now?”

Be wary friends; you can twist studies to say pretty much anything.  ”Studies show…” doesn’t mean a lot unless you look at the specific study design and critique the design’s flaws and strengths and consider how it fits into other studies done on a particular variable.  So the next time you see that “studies show” that 83% of  all statistics are made up (hey… wait a minute…), feel free to continue to use your critical thinking. Don’t let Reebok punk you!!!

Below is a link to an article about a study done by the American Council on Exercise debunking toning shoes.

Link to Study Showing Other Study Is A Poorly Done Study

Friends don’t let friends buy toning shoes!


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