Bells with Benefits: 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Kettlebells in Your Workout

Hello Dear Readers!

Today, I’d like to talk about one of my very favorite things, the kettlebell.

The Bell Tolls for Thee…

Let’s start with talking about my other favorite thing… ME!!!

As a personal trainer at Mark Fisher Fitness, I use kettlebells on a daily basis. They are one of our primary tools at the MFF Clubhouse for our signature Snatched in Six Weeks programs, as well as our normal class cycles.

I have been an MFF employee for a little more than five years, teaching at least three classes a day, five days a week, which has given me several opportunities to use kettlebells in my own fitness, as well as pass on what I have learned to our MFF Ninjas.

Also, for those who may not know, my brother-in-law is legendary strength coach Dan John, who travels the world teaching kettlebell skills (and many other things) to elite level athletes and special forces teams. I have known Dan since I was 9 years old, have participated in three different KB certification events with him, and have had the honor of accompanying him as an assistant around the world to demonstrate the power of this cannonball with a handle on it.

To summarize, I know a lot about kettlebells. Ain’t I neat?

I AM neat. Thank you for agreeing. The NEATEST thing about me is that I have taken this boundless, vast, monumental knowledge and distilled it down for you!!

I now present… (cue fanfare)…


1. Kettlebells are compact.

One of the best things about the kettlebell is how you only really need one to have a complete gym in your home. A complete gym that you can stick in a closet or in a corner of the garage, or even under your bed.

I live in New York City, in a one bedroom apartment with a wife, a dog, and a 7-month-old baby boy. Needless to say, space is hard to come by. But, I have a full gym in my closet. It’s my 24kg kettlebell.

It’s nice to know that on crazy days when you can’t make it to the gym, you can pull out your kettlebell and still get a great workout even if you’re short on time. When used correctly, 10 minutes with a kettlebell can yield some fantastic benefits. The more time you have, the better.

Bonus: The Price is Right Workout

My personal favorite is to do swings and squats while I watch The Price is Right. I do 10 on the minute alternating between swings and squats each minute. If I start at “Come on down” and go all the way through the Showcase Showdown… that’s a HELL of an hour. Every time I do that workout, I have a true understanding of those pets that have been spayed or neutered. (Price is Right joke)

2. Kettlebells are versatile.

Piggybacking on the last point, with just a little training from a decent coach, you can do a lot with your kettlebell.

Dan John, coaching super star, says each workout should have a hinge, a squat, a press, a pull, and a loaded carry.

With a single bell, you have the potential to check all those boxes and get a full body challenge with minimal equipment…

KB Swing = Hinge

Push Up = Push

KB Goblet Squat = Squat, DUH

1-Arm KB Row = Pull

1-Arm KB Carry = Loaded Carry

As you can see, I’ve hit all my workout essentials with one piece of equipment, and I can do it at home, outside at the park or beach, visiting my parents in Salt Lake City — truly anywhere I have access to a single bell.

Depending on the weight of the bell, I can use both hands for the movements, or go one arm at a time, and add some asymmetrical stability work to my complex. NEAT!

3. Kettlebells are quick and efficient.

I love how quick and explosive many of the kettlebell movements are. My attention span is NOT great, to say the least, and the fast, ballistic nature of the KB swing, snatch, clean and press, and thrusters are just my style. I can do these movements on their own, or put them together to make a very challenging complex that will put my physical prowess to the test.

Personally, when I’m lifting barbells, I lose a lot of time in the set up and break down of the weights themselves, and I find myself rushing toward the end of my workout to make sure I finish on time. On the other hand, when I do KB complexes, the set up and clean up is virtually non-existent, giving me more time to work on moving the weight.

Everytime you swing a bell, an angel gets impressed.

There you have it, dear reader. What’s so great about kettlebells? They are a compact, versatile way to get a quick and efficient workout. That’s what.
I appreciate the hell out of you for reading this. And now I should go, The Price is Right is gonna start soon, and I have some swings to do.

Until next time… I love you as much as I can without going over.

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Geoff Hemingway is a Ninja Trainer at Mark Fisher Fitness. He’s also known as Mr. Wonderful because he’s as sweet as he is handsome. His fitness certifications include NASM CPT, SFG Level 2, CFSC, and Daniel John Black Belt. When he’s not forging Ninjas in the Fires of Hell’s Kitchen, he’s probably spending time with his sexy and talented wife Rose, his precious son Jack, searching for snacks with his handsome dog Ernie, or watching cartoons.


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