There’s a New Fitness Super Hero in Town

As those who’ve contacted me of late have found out… I’m rather busy these days and I can’t take on every training client who comes my way. This breaks my heart, because I don’t like to send those who want fitness glory out into the cold, cold world of fitness silliness.  So… I cloned myself.  Well, not quite, but seriously, I did the next best thing.

Ladies and Gentleman… I give you…

Kyle Langworthy, Fitness Super Hero!!!

I’ve had the good fortune to know Kyle for several years because he used to work out at my gym.  He became a personal trainer and we kept in touch because I knew he was the real deal.  He is a good human doing it for the right reasons: he is passionately interested in training and genuinely wants to help people and be truly great at what he does.  In addition to having one of the best certifications you can get for personal training (NASM), Kyle has also spent significant amounts of money and time continuing his education.  He has specialty-certifications in Corrective Exercise Strategies, Performance Enhancement Strategies, and is kettlebell certified through Kettlebell Concepts.  Honest to god, I’m a snarky dick about most of my industry and have no patience for people that do not take their job seriously.  When you’re dealing with people’s bodies you had BETTER honor the faith that people are putting in you.  Without reservation I can say that Kyle is one of the good ones, and I feel completely privileged to be working with him.

And with that… I asked Kyle some questions to introduce him to the MFF community!

Kyle Langworthy;

Handsome MoFo with GUNZ

MFF:  Tell us a bit about yourself!

KL: I’m a pretty awesome (at least I like to think) 25 year old transplant from North Carolina that recently moved to New York City in pursuit of one day becoming an actor. I went to school at East Carolina University (Go Pirates!!), and I studied both Professional Acting and Musical Theatre. I’ve been performing since I was 14, so I obviously love acting, singing and attempted dancing (aka moving). Other than acting and the fifty gazillion hours of training I do, I’m kind of a busy guy, so I don’t have much free time to do much else. However, when not training or acting, I just simply like to try and enjoy life. Especially in this crazy world, I think we all as people sometimes forget to LIVE a little. I’m a huge proponent of just getting out there and having a good time, discovering and re-inventing ourselves as people day after day. Live and be happy.

MFF:  Sweet!  (Please note that amongst the current Mark Fisher Fitness Team, three of us have degrees in Musical Theatre, and not to be out done, our business manager has an undergraduate degree in dance.  GOOOOOOTTA DANCE!)  So Kyle, what got you into training?

KL:  About 4 years ago, I was doing a show in college and was cast as the Greek warrior Achilles. Now at the time, I was pretty much a scrub – or an ‘ectomorph’ as we trainers would call it – and I needed to put on a shit ton of muscle in about 3 months time (NOTE FROM MARK: I salute your use of the term “shit ton”). I had been working out pretty consistently in the past and had been able to transform my physique with moderate results (without any real sciency-based knowledge), but never had faced a situation where I needed to pack on the muscle so quickly. So, as it goes, I started reading…and I read a lot. By reading so much, I became extremely interested and immersed in the world of fitness (in this case, hypertrophy or muscle-gain).  Using my new found knowledge at the time and a lot of hard (but intelligent) work, I ended up succeeding in putting on a great deal of muscle.  By successfully changing my own physical appearance so drastically and so quickly, I was soon approached by handfuls of people on how to do the same. They looked to me as an example, and in a way, as a leader. And from those days, I’ve always been interested in helping people change both their body and mind, two of our most precious gifts as human beings. The aforementioned experience only reconfirmed the fact that I’ve always wanted to help people to the best of my abilities.  I’ve been continuing my education and training my ass off ever since.

MFF:  Awesome dude.  What do you feel you can provide our beloved clientele (besides your strapping good looks)?

KL: Ha! Strapping good looks- me??? Umm- I’ve never been one to lose at anything I do, and therefore all of my clients WILL get results, or I’ll die in the process of trying to get them there. Aside from the fact that I can guarantee you’ll get a trainer that’s continuously trying like a mo’fo’ to improve upon himself and get better, you’ll also get a very loving and caring human being. I love people. And I love life. Simple as that. Let’s do this.

MFF:  (Mark stares silently).  Dude.  Honestly?  I want to fire you just so I can hire you again after that answer.

Thanks for sharing Kyle!  And welcome aboard!!

Going forward Kyle will eventually start to help me teach some Snatched classes, as well as take care of much of the one-on-one training MFF offers.  Although I will still oversee the program design and nutritional coaching, Kyle is your man for taking you through the workouts, kicking your ass in a fun and safe way, and basically being an all around awesome human being.  I’m really not exaggerating when I say I feel like I hit the lottery to have snagged Kyle to help me out.  He’s literally everything I think a trainer should be and it’s an honor to have him to help spread health and hotness to our beloved clients.

AND, as a nifty welcome aboard offer, you can snag some sweet MFF fun via Kyle for only 80 bucks a session!!  That’s an ABSURD price for a trainer of Kyle’s qualifications.  And for those of you that want to do Snatched but didn’t make it in to this round or want some one-on-one preparation to maximize your Snatched experience, working with Kyle is a no brainer.  Get in now, because we can’t keep the price that low for long.  I have to pay his ass mo’ money if I want to keep him around!!

Kyle Langworthy… you are Mark Fisher Fitness approved!!!

Are you burning with jealousy of Kyle?  Well… I don’t blame you!  But worry not… the MFF Team is looking to expand further so that even more of America can get healthier and hotter than ever!!!  Check it yo…

The MFF Team!


No, it’s not the A-Team it’s the MFF…



It’s the A-Team.


The Mark Fisher Fitness Team is expanding… and looking for an intern to develop into a real live fitness professional!  No experience necessary. Must be outgoing, eager to learn, and willing to have a lot of fun.  Ideally, the candidate should be available to intern for 5 to 15 hours a week in exchange for certifications, education, and high fives.  Dependability is a must!  A dance or performance background is helpful but not necessary.  Long term, we’re looking to develop someone to add to our growing team of Fitness Super Heroes and help out with training, Snatching, and living the fitness dream.  Do you or someone you know fit the bill?  Send Michelle an email at and we’ll give you all the details!  BOOM.


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