The MFF Family Grows AGAIN (seriously!)

Yep. I know what you’re thinking.  This is crazed.  The Unicorn of Glory is clearly in heat and CLEARLY does not use protection, as our Mystical Mother has popped out another MFFer to take care of the ever growing Ninja Army.  Lucky for all of us, our newest Fitness Ninja is a rare combination of intellect, fitness victory, and a nurturing and kind soul…. also, he’s a fucking CLOWN.  Like…actually.  For realz.  A CLOWN!!  (Don’t worry, not the “It” scary kind, the awesome kind.)

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Matt Wilson!!  MFF addicts will recognize Matt as the Before and After Picture Contest Winner for our May/June Snatched in 6 Weeks Total Body Makeover.  I’ve somehow used my dark powers to convince another world class human being to hop on the rainbow and join our merry band of ridiculous humans and I’m literally a bazillion percent confident you’re all gonna fall in love with him.


MF:  Matt, welcome aboooooard the GloryTrain!  Would you be so kind as to tell our readership a bit about yourself?

MW:  Thank you, Mark!  It’s a pleasure to be here.  Let’s see…my dad was in the Air Force, so I spent my formative years overseas playing cricket, and watching Alf reruns in German.  I went to Vassar College, where I majored in Biophysics.  I was really interested in spinal cord injury research, so I conducted experiments exposing leech nerve cells to electrical fields for my thesis.  I was truly torn between pursuing a medical career, and joining the circus. I was an Emergency Medical Technician, I started a juggling group, and I practiced many sideshow skills (sword swallowing, fire-eating,  shoving objects up my nose, etc.). Those worlds collided when I became a clown doctor in NYC, investigating and applying my theoretical approach to humor in hospital environments at some of the top medical institutions in the country. I’m a creative junkie, polymath, lover of big words and self-help books, and I’m learning to catch people on the flying trapeze.

MF:  Um… what the fuck.  You be mad smart, bro.  Speaking of your background, this is a first for MFF.  We have a winner of Snatched in 6 Weeks now joining the team.  How do you think your experience as a Ninja (from Snatched neophyte, to Snatched winner, to full fledged Super Ninja) will help inform your work?

MW: I feel so fortunate, because I was influenced, incubated, molded, and smelted from within the crucible of the Ninja Clubhouse, where intention is caramelized into action.  When I started Snatched, I knew the science was sound (I’ve enjoyed reading up on sports medicine, training, and conditioning since I was Ms. Steele’s library aide in middle school), but wasn’t anticipating the mindblowing internal negotiating, philosophizing and empowerment that accompanied the physical training. I have so enjoyed the pleasure of receiving from MFF, and I can’t wait to be good, giving, and game downstairs, upstairs and everywhere in-between.

MF:  Amazeballs.  I’m always flattered (and slightly amazed) when someone is willing to dive face first into our shared dream of a world of Super Fit, Totally Ridiculous Humans.  What convinced you to make MFF such a substantial part of your life and what are you most looking forward to about your doling out sweet Ninja Love?

MW: It’s hard to explain, but I when I’m at the Clubhouse, I’m permitted/expected/challenged to explore my inner badass, celebrate my geek, get hot, and do right both by myself and others. I have never been surrounded, encouraged or inspired by more ridiculous specimens of the human race in one place.  Who wouldn’t want to be a Ninja, where not only can you get hot, you can help make it happen for others?  It’s the best kind of peer pressure EVER!

I LOVE making shit happen for my friends.  Now, at MFF, new friends walk in every day looking for practical, applicable strategies for continued health and hotness.  It’s humbling, that I’m in a position to offer my experiences as a tool for others——it’s also inspiring to be on a team that believes I can make that kind of contribution.

‘With great power comes great responsibility’. I’m looking forward to enthusiastically offering tender love, and doing my best to be a benevolent presence for the empowerment of all Ninjas in my care.


There you have it ladies and gentleman, a Fitness Ninja is born!  Matt will teaching some classes in November, so come take class with him and be sure to breathe in that new car smell.  Welcome to the team, Matt!


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