Testimonial: “Everything I Wanted It to Be”

I was following Mark’s moves since he started sending newsletters last year, and was immediately hooked by his in-depth knowledge and, of course,more importantly, his completely inappropriate humor when discussing such serious hotness.  With a crazy schedule on my hands, I kept up with the newsletters and waited until I could find 6 consecutive weeks where I wouldn’t be out of town.  When the Clubhouse was officially opened I decided now was the time….it was now or never!  I begged my husband to join me on a journey to become Hot Ninjas, and got the best Christmas present ever….he agreed!

Now I’m not crazy, I’m aware I was not in terrible shape physically and had a decent knowledge about healthy foods and nutritional values.  However, I was becoming very unmotivated to continue any kind of regular exercise program and was getting slightly more “soft and fluffy” since getting married almost 3 years ago.  Fast forward 6 weeks and somehow Mark has managed to get me stoked about working out and obsessive (in a good way) about what I am eating.  I almost thought it wouldn’t be worth it for me to do Snatched, but now know the importance of spending time on learning technique and focusing hard on your diet.  It was exactly what I needed.

Snatched was everything I wanted it to be, and so much more!  I can’t believe the arms and abs that I developed….its possible that I look better now than when I got married! Yes that means that 2.5 years of fluff (and maybe a whole gingerbread house over Christmas) disappeared in 6 short weeks with Mark.  More importantly, Snatched planted the Ninja seed inside me and made sure there was just the right amount of sunshine and water to make it grow.  Thanks to MFF I grew into an excited newby ninja…I got Snatched and ache with glory!

Elaine Lamarre


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