Testimonial: “Diamonds, Anyone?”

I am a yo-yo health addict.  Every year, I rev myself up with some new way of getting fit and by summer, my plan is out the window and my gym membership is just another accessory on my keychain.  Mark Fisher and his crew of ninjas were able to get into my psyche and help me make life-lasting changes.  Every night of Snatched, I would be in stitches laughing from the anecdotes that make fitness fun (yes, fitness can be and IS fun). There was no scientific jargon, just motivation and fitness glory to get a tight ass and smoking abs (diamonds, anyone?).

When I walked into Mark Fisher Fitness for the first time, I thought I would be in over my head, but by week 6, I walked out with a new fitness family and a new body and outlook to go along with it.  To say that I would never have the body that I imagined would be like saying that unicorns don’t exist.  Now, thanks to getting Snatched by Mark Fisher, I know that both of these things do exist!

John Paul


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