Testimonial: “A Team that Truly, TRULY Cared”

I had gotten to the point where I think I forgot what it was like to be an athlete. I didn’t have the drive I used to have and working out seemed to only happen by accident. I couldn’t figure it out. I had done this for years, why couldn’t I just get back on? Then, I watched a friend become a MFF Ninja. I wanted in.

“Snatched” has changed not only my body but my way of thinking. The continuous and undying support from Mark and the MFF team was the love I needed to make magic happen. Something finally clicked. Yes it was hard. Yes it was challenging physically and mentally. But anytime I wavered or felt unsure, I knew there was a full team there to lean on. A team that truly, TRULY cared.

Around week four I realized that this wasn’t some six week experiment, this was a life change. The changes in my body are undeniable and the changes in my attitude and outlook are things that I didn’t know I needed to change. My friends, family, and clients have not only commented on my weight loss but how excited I am when I talk about how I did it. They all know I’m lucky to have found something that works! Now I am nothing but grateful for this experience and completely pumped for what’s next: being part of the ninja army!

“Snatched” is just the beginning. It’s an inspired journey led by inspiring people who are on their way to changing the world. No Bullshit.

Meghan Short


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