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Stick It In Our Box: Bowery Edition

There’s been so much movin’ and shakin’ with MFF’s new Bowery location this past month, that the Siren has devoted this month’s Stick It In Our Box feedback entirely to the shenanigans surrounding our new Clubhouse downtown. Here we go!


I’ve been having wet dreams about MFF Bowery all summer. When does she open?

Monday, October 24 will be the first day the MFF team is on site and getting the Clubhouse ready for prime time. During that week, the front desk will be staffed and we will have several Strategy Sessions and Baptism classes to get our new baby Ninjas onboarded. Feel free to pop in for a sneak peek. Our inaugural Bowery classes and semi private sessions will begin on Monday, October 31. Trick or treat! And on that day, all of downtown NYC will sing in beautiful harmony!


I’m currently a Ninja at MFF Hell’s Kitchen. When can I sign up to transfer to Bowery?

Right now! Just fill out the Membership Change form to declare your intent to transfer. The sexy mavens of the Membership team will reach out to confirm your transfer date based on your next billing date.


I’m currently a Ninja at MFF Hell’s Kitchen and I’ve already filled out the Membership Change form? When will I actually be able to work out at MFF Bowery?

Once you let us know your intention of transferring to Bowery using the “Change My Membership” form on the MFF website, a member of our Membership team will reach out within three business days to discuss your options, based on your current billing cycle.


I’m currently a Ninja at MFF Hell’s Kitchen and I don’t plan to transfer, but I wanna go down to see what’s up / ceremoniously jizz all over the place. When can I do that?

Ninjas with class memberships at one MFF location will be able to drop in for a class at the other location, when space is available. You may call or stop by the Clubhouse during the two-hour window prior to your desired class. If there is an open spot, we’ll add you to the class for the standard add-on fee of $20, plus tax. If the class is full, and you want to come to the Clubhouse and try your luck, you can add yourself to the standby list.


Which of the amazing humans from MFF Hell’s Kitchen will be down at the Bowery? Will I ever see their face again?

We’re so #blessed to have Amanda Wheeler, Coach Fury, Amanda Ting and Mark Fisher as our fierce and sexy trainers opening MFF Bowery. They will be full-time at Bowery as of Oct. 31, but they are still members of the MFF family, and you will likely see them around Hell’s Kitchen and at other MFF parties and events on occasion.


I have a friend / lover / drug dealer who wants to join at MFF Bowery. When can they do that?

Now, hunty! We have precious few slots left at MFF Bowery in our Friends and Family 30-day trial membership offer. Once that sells out, we’ll be accepting new memberships at this link on a case-by-case basis as space allows!

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