Rog Law Prepares to Stick It In Deep at MFF Bowery

Our one-of-a-kind Godzilla of Strength Coach Fury bids the MFF team adieu next month to dedicate ample time to his family and other projects of world domination. While we could never truly replace his incredible mind or killer quads, we are FUCKING PUMPED that the insanely talented (and batshit crazy) Rog Law will be joining the MFF Bowery team from the Boston area. He hits the floor mid-March, so get ready to show him some love!


Hometown: Detroit, MI

Nickname: Hugasaurus Flex

Spirit Animal: Nancy Newell

Fitness Credentials: NSCA – CSCS

Quick FitTip: Do something today – no matter how small – that your future self would be proud of. Focus on just the tip and, before you know it, the whole thing is in.

Favorite Thing About MFF: The infectious positive attitude

Primary Clubhouse: MFF Bowery

Why are you excited to join the MFF team?

I’ve known the MFF crew for several years now and they’re among my favorite humans on this spinning rock. Having gotten a chance to interact with them and the community, it’s exciting as hell to be part of the team and serve the Ninjas.

How would you describe your training style?

Moderate intensity strength mixed with high intensity laughter and shenanigans. I like to be the second best part of people’s day, which means not utterly destroying them in the gym so they can’t have a life outside of it.

Where do you live now and how do you feel about moving to NYC?

I currently live in The Shire (a.k.a. Shrewsbury, MA). My NYC experience is limited to the MFF clubhouse and Schmackary’s, so I’m excited and slightly nervous to see what all the hype is about. Please be gentle.

What are some of your other passions in life?

Long and sensual hugs, Cinnabons, stand-up comedy, Brazilian Jiujitsu, butts, bicep curls, inappropriate humor, rhythmically flexing my chest, Drake, and meandering conversations.

How much nudity can we expect from you?

I am excited to bring the BBC to MFF, so you can expect to see enough of the full shaft outline to fuel your wildest late night dreams and fantasies.


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