No Shower? No Problem!

By Jessica Myhr, Ninja and Owner of Inherent Style

10 tips to freshen up in 15 minutes…after your sweaty glory filled workout. Walk in a Ninja. Walk out a Unicorn. (TWEET THAT SHIT!)

No time for that quick shower after your work out? As active people, actively pursuing health and hotness among many other activities, we all have those packed days running from one thing to the next. Here are some tips to keep the glow and lose the stink as you leave the gym for your next adventure.

Back in the day, they used to coin this cleansing quick fix as the whore’s bath, but don’t get too excited…These are PG-13 unicorn dust magic tricks not tips for prostitutes…although many of these may apply to both….hmmmmm.

1) Wipeout There are all kinds of cleansing wipes that will make you feel baby fresh for face and body—use 1 or 2 of these after your workout and you’ll almost feel brand new. These look great and have a blast of citrus!

Or if you need something more aggressive for week 6 of your 6 week makeover program…try something like a “shower in your pocket.”

2) Travel deodorant – It’s small, compact and fits in any bag, have it on hand for those really stanky days. If you can smell you, it’s a sure sign other people can smell you too.

3) Rollerball inscentive The perfume kind or travel cologne– really dab it—grandma style—and it will mix with your natural scent. Dab on wrists and behind the ears, and when someone gets a whiff, they might actually linger!

4) Hat or hair accessories – If you can’t hide that messy nest, put on something cute or fun to distract those judgmental eyes (baseball caps, headbands, fun updos work too—throw on some earrings for added sparkle)


5) Embrace the sweaty hair mess – Bedhead is hot for a reason, but use some product to make it work. I recommend either a dry shampoo if you need to soak up oils or leave-in conditioner if you have drier hair naturally. I am a fan of It’s a 10 Miracle products—and they have 2 oz spray bottles for those hectic days.

6) Wear something that has a bit of flow – I know you want to show off all your hard work, but nothing says a 10 min first date like armpit stains on a super fitted shirt. So wear something breathable – it doesn’t have to be baggy, but maybe not your skinniest skinny jeans. No one likes the feel of denim suctioned to sticky legs!

7) Less is more on Make-up – You already have that warm sweaty glow—beach day magic works here too. A bit of overall powder to even out skin tone, some pretty gloss and waterproof mascara. No time to paint the face? Let it breath pretty, natural and fresh. Trust me—people are jealous of that natural glow! (That’s why you sometimes get hit on in the grocery store, wearing your stay-at-home casual wear sans makeup)

8) Dry Socks! – If you’re someone who sweats through your socks, a foot deodorizer can also help you feel clean after a heavy workout. After removing your workout socks, apply foot spray or powder directly to your feet before putting your regular socks back on. Gold Bond powder comes in a 1oz. travel size. (People have been know to put it on their private bits for a nice cooling feeling as well.)

9) Soak up that extra sweat! – Sprinkle baby powder. Talcum powder absorbs moisture, reduces friction and acts as a skin protectant. Throw a bit of it on your feet, back, thighs or underarms to soak up some of your sweat. And who doesn’t like the smell of cute babies?

10) Hang up your clothes! – I know it sounds silly, but wrinkles don’t lie on our face… and our bodies. If you are in a time crunch, have your change of clothes ready to go. Hang them up nicely on a hook or hanger. It makes the change out of your sweaty active wear into your put together look that much easier. If your clothes look fresh, you will too.

What do you do to stay fresh when you have somewhere to go after a workout? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it!


Jessica is the owner of Inherent Style and an image consultant in New York City. You can reach Jessica at Inherent Style.


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