Well, well, well, we seem to be in a brand new year!

And if you’re like most humans, this is the perfect time for a fitness kickstart or reboot.

Since I imagine you’re going to be busy with getting back to work, I’ll keep this brief. But I wanted to give you some guidance on how to make 2024 your fittest year ever.

Below are the five most important things to keep in mind as you prepare for the year ahead.

1) Identify the reasons WHY your health and fitness matters to you.

Before we discuss strategies and tactics, it’s important to start with a clear-eyed analysis of WHY your fitness matters to you.

Humans are complicated. We do things for many reasons. Sometimes we’re moving towards something, and sometimes we’re moving away. Sometimes our motivations are intrinsic, and sometimes we’re chasing an external reward. While some forms of motivation do tend to be more sustainable than others, for this exercise, we’re not judging; we’re just being honest about where we’re at right now.

No matter what’s driving you to achieve your health and fitness goals, it can be a powerful activity to get some clarity. By making a list of alllllll the reasons life is better with robust health and fitness, you’ll “gas up your tank” to execute the plans below.

ACTION STEP: Make a list of all the reasons your life is improved by achieving your health and fitness goals and review it every morning for the month of January.

2) Schedule grocery shopping and cooking time for the week, and if possible, month ahead.

Unless you’re living that fancy af personal chef life, most of us do at least some grocery shopping and cooking.

Based on your personal situation and preferences, there are ways to make this more efficient. Many markets now have grocery delivery. And of course some recipes are less labor intensive. You’ll also have to decide how to balance spending time to freshly prepare food in the moment against the convenience of preparing in bulk.

But no matter how you slice it, you’ll need to put some time, energy, and money towards creating delicious meals you actually enjoy (see point 4). 

ACTION STEP: Put appointments in your calendar for grocery shopping and meal cooking time for the week, and if possible, month ahead. ←- This is actually the piece that I see missed most often.

3) Schedule your workouts for the week, and if possible, month ahead.

At the risk of offering a second blindingly obvious tip, I shall nonetheless highlight a place where many a fitness dream is lost. 

Not unlike eating, your fitnessing also requires time.

Long time readers know the intersection between fitness and time management. And like time management, the creation of a fitness plan is really just the first step. You also have to execute. That’s why morning workouts are the best logistical option for many humans: it’s early enough in the day that you haven’t been dealt too many “surprises.”

But while execution matters, it’s secondary to having the plan in the first place. If you haven’t planned when you’re going to work out in the week ahead, it’s all too easy for your life to nudge it out.

ACTION STEP: Put appointments in your calendar for your weekly workouts, and if possible, for the month ahead.

4) Choose meals and physical activity you genuinely like.

Not jazzed about your current menu of healthy meal options? Commit to spending time researching and experimenting with new recipes that you like and are realistic to regularly prepare.

Not stoked about going to a big gym and “doin’ the machines?” Commit to spending time researching exercise (or movement) options that you enjoy and that work for your life.

Remember: this is hard to do for the long haul unless you’re actually enjoying what you’re eating and doing!

ACTION STEP: Do an audit of your current recipes and fitness options. If need be, research and source alternatives.

5) Get some accountability.

None of us get by in this life alone.

Some individuals are totally capable of setting their will and dominating their fitness behaviors all by their lonesome. But most of us do best with social support.

This can look like a lot of things.

It can be a workout buddy who helps you keep your appointments.

It can be a partner or roommate who wants to get on the healthy eating train.

It can be joining a gym that’s community-oriented.

And most powerfully, it can be an investment of time, energy, and money in working with a coach. This strategy can be very effective, because you’re combining social support, the guidance of an expert, AND you’ve got skin in the game.

The best way to apply this will depend on your lifestyle preferences and logistical needs.

But if you’re looking for some help on this front…

May I humbly suggest you check out the world’s only unicorn gym that has ten years of experience with thousands of humans?? 🙂

Happy 2024, happy life!

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