Meet the Meat: Michael Littig

The MFF Family has birthed another glistening, glorious unicorn into our midst. Pop on those aviators and take the highway to the danger zone with our newest Fitness Ninja Michael Littig!


Michael Littig


Orlando, FL.  Think Disney World with southern values.  It was the height of the boy band era.  My younger self was guilty of both excessive hair gel use and spontaneous outbursts of original ‘N*sync choreography.

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Fitness Background

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a proud member of the Ninja Army.  My interest in fitness ranges from the study of belief systems to ideas of community and personal transformation.  My passion for training has led me all around the world to encounter various physical art forms, and to study with masters of multiple traditions.  Living with shamans on a Fulbright in Mongolia and later engaging refugee communities on the Somali border have formed the foundation of my fitness philosophy; that fitness is a space for the manifestation and celebration of different aspects of this search to be human. Random Fun Fact: I’m the North American Director of the Kalaripayattu federation, which is a South Indian Martial art considered to be the oldest fighting system in existence.  Ninjas: Basically, Anthony Bourdain is my spirit animal. 

What drew you to MFF’s style of crazy town?

Since moving to New York, I have searched for a community that holds the same values as I do.  A few years ago, I found such a group in the rural parts of Southern India called the “Flying Warriors of Kerala”.  They are a group of warriors that defy the laws of gravity. When I discovered MFF, I realized that the ninja community is also a group of flying warriors, and every bit as badass. It’s a genuine brother/sisterhood where we challenge each other to be better humans, change the world, and defy gravity together.  <cue epic Wicked music>

What are you most excited about now that you’re living dreams in the Clubhouse?

MFF is more than a gym, it’s a philosophy and belief system.  It’s about getting up everyday and “paying the rent”.  It’s about love.  It’s about community. It’s a gym for the soul. I’m excited about getting up everyday and getting the chance to be a part of THAT.  I’m excited about helping people get 1 % better everyday. And, frankly, I’m excited about busting out my Michael Jackson dance moves in a safe and loving environment.

What’s one fun fact we’d never guess about you?

My mom recently told me a story that sums up my passion for the things I love.  When I was four years old I was obsessed with TOP GUN.  My mom remembers me coming to her dressed in my flight suit, clutching the TOP GUN video cassette tape, and asking her with absolute sincerity, “Mom, when I move out of the house one day, can I take TOP GUN with me?”  And she described the complete, pure joy that came across my face when she told me, “Yes, my darling, you can take TOP GUN with you.”  So, if you play Kenny Loggins’ DANGER ZONE, you will unlock the key to my soul!!!


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