Make Me Better. PLEASE.

I don’t know everything.  Not at all.  Not by a long shot.

As loyal readers know, I’m pretty confident in my abilities to get dramatic and consistent results with my clients.  In addition to my years in the trenches, I also educate my ass off on a daily basis.  And honestly, for what I do (help regular people that are not fitness obsessed to maximize their health and hotness by losing body fat and/or building muscle)… I will happily put my knowledge base and body of work up against that of anybody out there.


There are some things in the world of fitness I’m NOT ultra-qualified to do.  Want to compete in a bodybuilding show that requires steroids?  Cool.  But I’m not the best guy.  Are you an NBA player in the off-season living in NY who wants to work with a trainer?  Rad.  Don’t hire me.  Are you looking to get your squat up from a 800 lb max to a 900 lb max.  Well sadly, while I support your goals, you’re gonna have to look elsewhere for a trainer.

Even IN my realm, while I have been known to be critical of the astounding lack of education of a large percentage of my peers (though calling Tracey Anderson a “peer” is a stretch), I’m fully aware that I’ll never catch up to the knowledge base of some of my mentors.  Some of these people have literally forgotten more about training than I will ever know.  While I have other skill sets that may make me a better candidate for helping people achieve their goals (like liberal use of jokes, profanity, and high fives), there are DEFINITELY people who know more.

Dr. Charlie Weingroff

Former Athletic Trainer and Strength Coach to the 76ers

Doctor of Physical Therapy

800 lb squat, 510 lb bench, 605 lb deadlift

One of the smartest guys in the history of the industry

I will NEVER know as much as he does

But it’s sure gonna be fun to try to catch up…

This is what drives me from the second I get up till the second I go to sleep; because I want to be the best that ever lived at making regular people healthy and hot in the most efficient way possible.  Sound audacious?  Don’t believe me?  Then I guess you don’t know me very well.

Is my goal irrational?  Maybe.  But for better or worse, I’ve never been one to let long shot odds stop me from going after what I want.  And while I know I may not get there, I’m pretty sure if I go after it non-stop, at the least I’ll keep getting better at what I do and make the world a little healthier, hotter, and happier.

Part of this educational process requires me to continually examine my own beliefs.  As George Orwell said, “It’s a constant struggle to see what’s in front of one’s nose.”  True dat George.  And because I believe that continually refining my methods is at the heart of being the best I can be… I want your help.

Challenge me.

You think I’m wrong about something?  Cool.  Email me.  Please.  Seriously.  Change my mind.  Make me better.  I want to be better.

Now mind you… you’re not necessarily going to succeed in changing my mind.  As I’m sure you know, I haven’t casually and arbitrarily arrived at my process and principles for streamlining the journey to health and hotness.  I’m unlikely to do a 180 on some fine point of training because “cousin Ant’ny says to do it like this and he’s hyooge bro” or because you attribute your success to one out of the many variables you employed on the journey to health and hotness (“I mean, sure I started working out and eating better, but I’m telling you, the real secret was this absurdly overpriced fiber supplement!”)

This is such fucking scam it blows my mind

But I know I have some smart readers.  Savvy, educated readers. Some of you are even successful fitness professionals in your own right.  And to you I say…

Make me better.

If you have a better way of doing things, I want to know.  Let me know where you think I’ve erred, and why.  Teach me.  Make me better.  I have no problem changing my mind and saying what I thought two years ago was wrong.  It’s humbling.  But I’d rather do that than do what I’m sad to say much of the fitness industry does: hold on to out-dated practices that no longer reflect our most contemporary understanding of the body – either because I’ve decided I know it all and don’t need to keep learning, or because I have an irrational, emotional connection to a particular tool, technique, or methodology (crunches anyone?).

Believe me.  If I’m wrong about something, or not doing something in the most efficient way possible, I want my readers to know.  I will write an article saying what I thought, what I now believe, and why I changed my mind.  I will give you public credit, and I will love you forever in my heart for nudging me closer to my goal.

I can’t wait to hear from you Tracey Anderson. I look forward to you blowing my mind with carefully thought out logic that is supported by a combo of rigorous science and consistent, dramatic results in the trenches.  Thanks so much in advance!


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