John O’Mahoney- A Great American

Introducing the newest addition to the Mark Fisher Fitness Team… Mr. John O’Mahoney – Fitness Ninja and Bodywork Wizard (yup, that means massage kids!). Mark sat down with John for a little interview – enjoy!

A Sexy Motherf#$ker

MF: Dude.  You are a great American and we’ve known each other for 13 years now (WTF?!).  Can you tell our readers a little about yourself since there are at least some of them who haven’t known you for 13 years yet?

JO: Thanks Mark! To begin, I’ve always lived within 50 miles of NYC with the exception of the 4 years I spent studying acting and hanging out with yourself and the Reanimotor at Syracuse University. Right after school, I spent a few years acting professionally before I took a break to become a massage therapist and a personal trainer. The acting monkey on my back refused to go quietly into the night so 2 years ago I moved back to the city and started auditioning again. I’m working as an actor more than ever before, my day job consists of making fitness dreams come true, and I became a daddy 11 months ago. So basically, I’ve never felt more fulfilled than I do right now!

MF: Wow.  A Reanimator reference.  Strong work!  Now you’re a highly qualified fella and you bring a lot of experience and education to the table.  You’ve done powerlifting, yoga, personal training, group classes, massage therapy, kettlebells… so baaaasically you’re super qualified.  Can you tell us a little bit more about your fitness background?   And what movement and training modalities do you like best?  (READER:  please note my use of the word “modalities.”  This is to remind you of my fanciness.)

JO: (What’s a modality? JK. Do I get to speak parenthetically?) Let me put it to you this way Mark. My training career began working with a chiropractor that offered massage, yoga, and small group personal training under one roof, to folks of all levels. We trained nationally ranked high school athletes, we trained seniors recovering from joint replacements, we even trained most of the local police force. The hinge-pin to all of the programs we designed was spinal strength and flexibility, and improving posture. Upon that base, we could build healthy body-building regimens or take people from rehab into fat-loss programs. The spine, from the coccyx to the base of the occipital ridge, affects all of the movements we make in everyday life. I believe that the best programs (like yours, as I’ve noticed) are rooted in promoting awareness of posture and proper alignment. I love injecting what I learn from modalities like Pilates and yoga into powerlifting and strength training, and vice-versa. If I had to choose 2 tools to work with though, it would be kettle-bells and the TRX. There is so much subtlety to master with k-bells but almost anyone can learn the basics. The TRX offers infinite opportunities for improvisation while challenging the axial body with almost every exercise.

MF: Awesome.  How were you convinced to join the MFF Team?

JO: I’ve read every newsletter you put out since day 1. I even checked out the articles you reccomended so as to try and not feel like an uneducated schmuck the next time we met. I questioned the whole “hotness” thing for a while, but let’s face it, that’s what motivates people and it’s clear to me (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that you will do anything and everything to care for your clients “health” first. I see your passion and your commitment to being the best trainer out there and I couldn’t help but want to be a part of what you’re building at MFF. Also, I could tell you were having tons of fun with your whacky band of fitness ninjas. I want to ride the effin’ dragon over the rainbow while having sex with a unicorn. Does that about sum it up?

MF: Dude.  Riding a dragon over a rainbow?  I heart you. I heart you big time.

Well there you have it ninjas!  John will be teaching some classes, doing some semi-privates, and (EXCITING!) will be able to offer massage therapy for our ninjas who are in need of some soft tissue love.  (And really… aren’t we all?)  Come and fall in love with our newest Fitness Ninja and our very first DILF!


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